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Writing About Literature
Writing About Literature
The Decaturian
National Day of Writing 2013
MU Haiku
Millikin University Haiku
Writing About Literature
Bronze Man Books
We the Students
MU Haiku
London Semester Blogs - 2012
Celebrations of Scholarship
Millikin Homestead
James Millikin Homestead
First Step Records
WJMU Radio Station
Blue Connection
Blue Satellite Press
- YouTube
Millikin Homestead
Pipe Dreams Studio Theatre
Millikin Homestead
Carriage House Press
Philosophy Student Essays


Purpose of the Web Server: <>

The Millikin University Student Performance web server (and web site) features the academic performances of Millikin University students. This web site provides an online showcase of near-professional work by students in all academic areas of study.Some Millikin courses focus on the web as a professional area of expertise. Courses on graphic design for the web, web publishing, computer-aided publishing, e-book publishing, and related areas will use the MU Student Performance web site to publish the resulting product. It will also clearly celebrate and recognize the student creators of these web-based publications.

As real-world performances, many of these web-based projects are developed for specific clients or professional audiences. The resulting student projects and publications have a public presence through this web site. These class-based and client-based projects often have a lasting value beyond the student's time at Millikin. For example, contemporary haiku essays by Millikin students have frequently been cited in further research by literary scholars beyond Millikin.


Does this replace Millikin student WWW folders on H-drives?

This server is not intended to replace nor duplicate student web pages hosted through the H-drive network. It is not intended to serve as a host for student organizations. It is intended to feature student work made public through the direct management by faculty responsible for the development and quality of the web-published student work.


How can Millikin faculty feature student performances?

As a faculty-managed web site, these policies are intended to guide the access and maintenance of the MU Student Performance web server.

Faculty Access:

Faculty interested in publishing their work by their students or classes, need to submit a proposal. The proposal must address: (1) a short description of the student work to be featured including details about the class it comes from, (2) when the work will be ready for public posting on the web site, (3) the faculty web editor's name and contact information, and (4) how long the work should remain on the web site.

Proposals should be submitted to the Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences, Dr. Randy Brooks. He will review the proposal with colleagues on the deans council and work with IT support staff to administer faculty editor rights to a project folder on the server. He will maintain the index page of links to featured student work and ongoing projects.

The web server access is through FTP (file transfer protocol) on campus or WebDAV off campus. Faculty web editors will be able to submit web pages to their approved project folder through the usual FTP user and password process from any online location.

Faculty Maintenance:

All student work and class web pages must have a faculty sponsor who is willing to serve as the web-editor of that area of student performance. If the faculty sponsor is no longer at Millikin University, the academic department must designate a new faculty member as web-editor, or the student work will be removed from the web site. Dean Brooks and the IT staff will provide some assistance to faculty web editors as needed, but more extensive support for databases or web services or extensive video will be better served through off-campus services such as YouTube or iTunes university.