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  • Major Characters
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Major Characters

Dillamond || Elphaba || Fiyero || Frex || G(a)linda ||Melena || Nessarose ||The Wizard

Doctor Dillamond: Doctor Dillamond is one of Elphaba’s and Glinda’s professors during their first year at school. He is an Animal (a Goat) who tries to show that there is a difference between Animals and animals. When he finally has a breakthrough in his research, he is murdered.


Elphaba : Elphaba is the main protagonist of Wicked. She is the first born of Frex and Melena. She was born with green skin and sharp, razor-like teeth. She becomes the “Wicked Witch of the West” in the end of the story. She is the most independent character within the book, choosing solitude over having friends in the end of the book. She becomes Glinda’s roommate when they both attend the same school and soon become friends after a while.


Fiyero: Fiyero is Elphaba’s lover later in their lives. He is the Prince of the Arjiki tribe and married to Sarima. He is later caught by The Wizard’s police at Elphaba’s place and possibly killed.


Frex : Frex lived in Rush Margins as the Unionist Minister; he then lived in Quadling country with his wife Melena and his two daughters, Elphaba and Nessarose, and his later son Shell. Frex tries to make Elphaba take over the Eminent position on from her sister, stating that she has the birthright.


G(a)linda: Glinda is Elphaba’s roommate at Shiz University, and she is considered the goodie goodie of the family. She is a self-centered blond that always has to get her way. She is later considered to be the good witch.


Melena: Melena is the mother of Elphaba and the wife of Frex. She is a free-spirited woman who isn’t always considered to be faithful. She stays at home to take care of her daughter, whom she doesn’t let out of the house. Seeing as Frex is gone a lot due on business, she takes in whoever walks along the path.


Nessarose: Nessa is Elphaba’s younger sister. She was born without arms and has Frex’s beliefs in the Unnamed God. She is fully introduced to the story when she comes to enroll at the school that Elphaba goes to. Frex gives the shoes that Dorothy obtains to Nessarose because she is his favorite.


The Wizard: The Wizard is somewhat of a emperor figure. The Wizard of Oz lives in the Emerald City and waits for people to come to him with their problems. He came to Oz from a hot air balloon, and was revealed to have fathered Elphaba, while Elphaba’s mother was under the influence of the Miracle Elixir, which is what turned Elphaba’s skin green.


Minor Characters

Liir || Madam Morrible || Nanny || Nor || Sarima || Shell || Turtle Heart || Yackle

Liir: Liir is a little chubby boy who is said to be the son of Elphaba and Fiyero. He hangs out and plays with the other children as Elphaba and he stay with Fiyero’s widow. Readers find out later that he is indeed the son of Elphaba.


Madame Morrible: Madame Morrible is the headmistress of Shiz University's Crage Hall, which Elphaba and Galinda attend. Elphaba and her friends suspect Morrible to be responsible for the murder of Doctor Dillamond. She also tries to get Galinda, Elphaba, and Nessarose, to work undercover for the The Wizard.


Nanny: Nanny has a very bold personality. She takes care of Elphaba as a young child and is responsible for her getting to be social when she is young. Nanny is the one who pushes for Elphaba to get out in public and for Frex and Melena to accept that she is ‘different.’


Nor: Nor is the daughter of Fiyero and Sarima. She and her family are taken captive by the Gale Force. While the others are killed out of political considerations, Nor is held prisoner by The Wizard and used to blackmail Elphaba.


Sarima: Sarima is Fiyero’s wife. She ends up becoming really good friends with Elphaba later in the book, when Elphaba tries to confess her affair with Fiyero. She doesn’t play a big part, but in Part Four she becomes prevalent.


Shell: Shell is Elphaba's and Nessarose's younger brother. Melena dies while giving birth to him. He does not appear in the book, but is constantly talked about when it comes to Elphaba's childhood.


Turtle Heart : Turtle Heart was a Quadling from Ovvels, who came to Munchkinland after The Wizard's people had flattened the place where he had been living. He came to see Melena Thropp when Elphaba was very young and had been thought the possible father of Nessarose. He and Melena shared sexual contact and he stayed there with her for some time in Rush Margins. He was a Glass Blower and blew Elphaba a disc in which he and she could see the future. He was not very good at speaking Munchkin.


Yackle: Yackle is the woman that takes in Elphaba after she finds that Fiyero may have been killed. She finds Elphaba in one of the Churches for Saint Glinda and takes care of her until Elphaba is ready to move on.