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Map of Oz Ugabu Gillikin The Emerald City The Glikkus Munchkinland Quadling Country

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The Vinkus
An “uncivilized land” (p228) on the western side of Oz,  the land is inhabited by a people with a similar “tribe-oriented” and “savage” connotation that we perceive for the people of Africa; exemplified by the mention of . Though it doesn’t say explicitly whether the Vinkus natives are black, the main character from Vinkus (Fiyero) is described as “oddly dressed in suede leggings and a white cotton shirt, with a pattern of blue diamonds tattooed on the dark skin of his face and hands” (p141). It is mentioned that calling the Vinkus “Winkie Country” is a kind of insult (p395), though it doesn’t say why.
Kiamo Ko, was once an office of Public Works [waterworks headquarters], ambushed and occupied by Fiyero’s father. Converted into the Chieftain’s seat and carved into the side of The Great Kells, Kiamo Ko has become the only permanent settlement in the Vinkus. [map]

A small territory in the northern corner of Oz, there is little information mentioned about this Obscure area. One thing that has been mentioned is that it is under the power of the Wizard, and he is not happy because of recent riot activity (p171). [map]

The Outlands
A name for three regions of the world Oz is located in, there are three specific areas that are mentioned: Fliaan, Quox, and Ev. While none of them are mentioned in detail, Madame Morrible refers to each of the regions’ inhabitants as “bloodsuckers” (p158). Whether this is to imply that there could be dark creatures (such as vampires) or that they are ruthless in the marketplace, Maguire never tells. One thing that is interesting to notice is the mention of two regions that are not even on the map: Jemmicoe (p158) and Ix (p280). Though neither are brought up more than once nor make an appearance on the map, these areas could be vital as the series progresses. [map] 

Located in the North, Gillikin is placed at the top of Oz’s hierarchy and is heavily influenced by Unionist mentality. The land is known for its railroad and The Great Gillikin Forest as well as being the wealthiest and socially established part of Oz. Gillikin has produced a variety of influential persons and Animals, among them Professor Dillamond and Galinda from Shiz. [map]

The Emerald City
Connected to Gillikin by way of the Yellow Brick Road, The Emerald City resides in the southern part of Gillikin. This city is at the center of Oz and is influenced, architecturally, by the City’s industry. There are a variety of influential persons and Animals that travel through the City; however, the Wizard is among the few who actually resides within its confines. [map]

The Glikkus
The Glikkus is located in the Northeast section of Oz and produces the emeralds that are used to decorate The Emerald City. Because of The Glikkus’s location, the residents of this section are often confused as being either Gillikinese or Munchkinlander. [map]

Munchkinland, a.k.a. Munchkin Country, is described by Maguire as the “breadbasket of Oz” where drought renders the people helpless and stature is based upon a person’s height. While not all citizens of Munchkinland are of short stature, many of the upper class have married into height somewhere in their bloodlines so they are of average height compared to the rest of Oz’s citizens. The citizens are largely unionist, while some of the older generations follow Lurlinism; and during the course of the book they are introduced to the tiktokism and the pleasure faith. Munchkinland is also the setting for Elphaba’s early childhood and Nessarose’s demise. Elphaba was originally to inherit the title of Eminent Thropp and Adept of Munchkinland, but her ambitions waylaid her and Nessarose received the position of Eminent Thropp as well as the title “Wicked Witch of the East.” During the latter half of Wicked, Muchkinland is trying to secede as an independent country from the rule of the Great and Terrible Oz (or Emperor, as you may.) This becomes a point of conflict within the book and is better studied in “In the Vinkus, Uprisings, section 3” and onwards.
Nest Hardings is the area in which the Eminent Thropp governs. After their grandfather’s passing, and Elphaba nowhere to be found, Nessarose inherits the position and takes up residence in Nest Hardings.

Rush Margins is Elphaba’s birthplace, home of Gawnette (the lady who let Elphaba play with her children to encourage her social skills,) and the closest village to Frex and Melena’s meager home in the country side. Notable for the entrance of the Time Clock Dragon and the downfall of Frex’s control over the village’s faith, Rush Margins is setting for the first section of the book, “Munchkinland.”

Center Munch is the notorious location where Dorothy enters the world of Oz and Nessarose meets her end. Located at the very beginning of the Yellow Brick Road before it winds through the rest of Munchkinland and leads to the Emerald City, Center Munch is the veritable heart of Munchkinland where Nessarose asserts most of her authority. [map]

Quadling Country
Quadling Country, the southernmost section of Oz, is also lowest on the social ladder. It is a marshy country where the people were herded into camps, starved, and largely decimated by the Wizard’s army for the deposits of rubies discovered under the land. The people are described as slimy and ruddy, possibly due to the difference in climate and lifestyle. Turtle Heart, the Quadling who stumbles upon Frex and Melena’s home in the countryside of Munchkinland, hails from this region. After socializing with Turtle Heart, Frex led his family to Quadling Country in hopes of changing the Quadling’s resistance to a religious affiliation. Consequently, this is where Elphaba, Nessarose, and their brother, Shell, grew up, though they were all native of Munchkinland. This is also the original country of which Nessarose was to become Adept. [map]

*** Map by Sherri Martin, MU '13