Writing About Literature

Featured Case Study Books & Web Sites:

Salvage the Bones
by Jesmyn Ward

A Gate at the Stairs
by Lorrie Moore

Ready Player
by Ernest Cline
Oryx Web Site
Oryx and Crake
by Margaret Atwood
Goon Sqaud casebook
Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan
Oryx Web Site
by Gregory Maguire
Beloved Web Link
The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao
by Junot Díaz
Beloved Web Link
by Toni Morrison
Indian Cinema
Under the Feet of Jesus
by Helena Maria Viramontes
  Beloved Web Link

by Marjane Satrapi

The English department has a tradition of expecting students to be creators of new knowledge. This web site features student writing about literature. Case studies are collections of essays from a variety of critical perspectives on a single author or book. The case studies (Beloved and Oryx & Crake) on this web site have been created by students in EN202 Writing About Literature. The Indian Cinema web site has been created by students in Dr. Purna Banerjee's course, Introduction to Indian Popular Cinema.

EN202 Writing About Lliterature is an entry level course to learn to write about literature, with special emphasis on literary criticism and critical approaches. The course begins with forms of writing about literature for the general public—book and film reviews, personal essays, diaries and journals. The course then moves to careful reading and close textual analysis, with written forms to include explication and interpretation based on primary texts from a variety of authors and genres. Finally the course includes basic critical approaches to reading literature, such as feminist, formal, cultural studies, biographical, and psychological. Students compile a portfolio of writing by the end of the course. Required of all literature and English Education majors, this course fulfills one of the advanced writing requirements for all English majors. Usually taken in the sophomore year.