In the Fall of 2006, Dr. Michael O'Conner's EN202 Writing About Literature course worked on a collaborative project, a literary casebook on Margaret Atwood's novel Oryx and Crake. The students divided up all tasks in creating this "virtual textbook," drafted and refined the text of these materials, and submitted their work for publication on the world wide web.

This casebook includes:
  • a summary of the novel,
  • background and supporting information on themes and issues found within the novel,
  • a recent bibliography, with some annotations,
  • an array of student essays examining the novel through a number of critical lens,
  • and important links concerning the novel.

The class was made up of the following students: Rebecca E. Buchter,
Nicole A. Faletti, Rachel K.Fry, Kortney A.Gretencord, Amber K. McKinney, Sarah L. Nielsen, Cheryl M. Pearson, Megan B. Radley, Eric Rankin, Sarah G. Scharnett, Hannah L. Shaner, Stephen J. Swain, and Molly E. Tretter. These students retain all rights to their intellectual property.

We hope you will find this casebook valuable.



Copyright 2006 Dr. Michael O'Conner
All rights reserved.