Eric Alviani



Eric is a sophomore secondary English Education major with a music minor born and raised in Waukegan, Illinois. Due to his mother running a piano store out of his house until he was 13, Eric has a deep love for music. He began working at his mom's store Family Piano Co. (later expanded to include a coffee shop), and Makajawan Scout Reservation where he works as a cook, preparing food for 500+ people 3 meals a day, 7 days a week through the summer. He hopes to teach English/Critical Thinking at Waukegan High School after he graduates and plans to stay very active in the music scene.

Thomas Austin



Thomas is a currently a senior at Millikin University. He is a physical education major with a minor in Health education and Driver's education. He was born and raised in Decatur, Illinois. He hopes to continue his education at Valparaiso and get his master's degree in special education. Along with teaching, Thomas also wants to coach football and wrestling.

Abby Bialeschki


Abby is a Communication Major at Millikin University with a focus on Public Relations. Before she came to Millikin University, Abby attended Richland Community College and received an Associate in Arts. She plans on graduating in the spring of 2012 and eventually would like to work for a Television or Radio Station doing advertising for their corporation. In the mean time she works part-time at Best Buy until she finishes up her Bachelor's Degree.

Nathan Bohannon


Nathan is an English Education major with a Theatre minor at Millikin
University. After he graduates he plans to teach at a high school where he can incorporate the arts into his English classroom. When he can get a moment away from his hectic daily schedule, he enjoys diving into a good novel or expanding on his creative writing skills. Nathan is a passionate lover of reading, writing, theatre and lemonade. One of his favorite quotes from Persepolis is, “The material doesn't exist, it's only a reflection of our own imagination” (12).

Christin Egli


Christin has been blessed with an excellent life of opportunities that has exposed her to the beauty of culture and an appreciation for her own language. As she learned more of the world, she realized that one of her great desires was to teach the English language to people all over the globe. This passion of hers brought her to where she is today – a sophomore at Millikin University, working toward a double major in Secondary English Education and Spanish.

Amy Fehr


Amy is a second year English literature major at Millikin University. She is the Editor-in-Chief of the Millikin University Decaturian as well as a tutor at Millikin's Writing Center. When she isn't in the Dec office or writing papers, she enjoys reading, sleeping, and spending time with her cat, Edith Wharton.

Megan Marie Jackson


Megan loves books, earrings, and crazy ideas. She is a junior at
Millikin University, majoring in Secondary English Education with a minor in Theater, and plans to someday become a high school English teacher, bringing awesome books to awesome kids. She also shares a vlog with her friend Cassi, in which they discuss backscratchers, Doctor Who, ninjas, and cookies (not necessarily all at once). You can watch their vlog at:

Victoria Jones


Victoria is a senior English Education major at Millikin University. She will be student teaching in a seventh-grade classroom during the spring semester of 2011. She is an avid reader and is looking forward to reading the new Mark Twain autobiography.

Jessica Knackstedt


Jessica is currently a sophomore at Millikin University. She is an English Literature major with an English Writing minor and a History minor. She hopes to go to Columbia Film School in Chicago after her years at Millikin, to become a screenwriter. Besides being a very dedicated, Hermione Granger-like student, she is president of English Club at Millikin, trying to spread the love of English to the masses. In her spare time, she writes, reads, and watches copious amounts of CW's Supernatural.

Elyse Oskvarek


Elyse is an English Education major from Chicago, IL. Her favorite author
is F. Scott Fitzgerald and she has a passion for reading. When not in class, you could find her teaching figure skating in her hometown or cheerleading for Millikin University.

Olivia Warren


Olivia is an English Education major at Millikin University. After falling in love with English in high school, she also learned to love history and learning about different countries. Persepolis allowed her to embrace her two favorite subjects at the same time, not just because she was able to read a great story, but also because she learned about another countries history, culture, and politics. Olivia likes pina colatas and getting caught in the rain.

Professor Tony R. Magagna


Tony is an Assistant Professor in the English Department at Millikin
University, specializing in modern and contemporary American literature. In addition to EN202: Writing About Literature, Dr. Magagna currently teaches a variety of literature courses at MU, including classes on American Road literature, contemporary American regionalism, and “the theater of identity.” He has also taught courses on multiethnic literature, the modern novel, and American popular culture. Alongside his adventures in the classroom, Dr. Magagna studies the literature of region and place, particularly in the American West. His most recent scholarship can be found in the collection Willa Cather's The Song of the Lark, from Rodopi Press.