Millikin University Haiku Unit in Freshman Composition
Fall 1990

  shoulder to shoulder—
roasting marshmellows
by the fire
by Renee Richards
  young lovers—
walking across the bridge
fingers intertwined
by Lori Nantkes


Dr. Brooks began teaching haiku at Millikin University as a unit within the Freshman Composition course in 1990.

The haiku unit was part of a unit on expressive writing, with students learning to write from direct perceptions, yet conveying personal emotions.

Expressive Aim Writing Unit 2 (haiku poetry) assignments:

  • (five descriptive paragraphs using concrete, sensory images)
  • (ten haiku attempts--bring three copies for exchange)
  • (peer response notes)
  • (haiku series or walk journal)
  • (revisions due for class reading)
  • concluded with chapbook anthology
  the brisk autumn wind—
sunshine warms
the cement bench
by Brandi Winquist



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