Haiku Kukai 10 - Thanksgiving Favorites

Global Haiku • Millikin University • Fall 2010

pausing to smile
at a tiny handprint on the fridge
...homemade turkey

wondering when I’ll graduate
from the kids table

Brittany Falardeau (11)

every year
the same snide look
on my great-aunt’s face

her rude remarks
make me question
Do I want a mother-in-law?

under the covers
we wrestle for space—
puppy and I

chocolate or pumkin

folding laundry
on the couch
welcome home

no one watching
the dog
sneaks a taste

with every mouthful
i try to forget
…the looming mound of homework

a second heaping plate
i undo
my top button

Brittany Falardeau (3)

yellow school bus
flipped on the side of the road
a stray pencil rolling

Katie Coletta (6)

the hunter’s toes

Danny Delaney (2)

mother frowns
at my stained skirt
grandma chuckles behind her napkin

first snowflake
hits the pavement
and melts

Orion’s belt
caught in
our maple tree

Katie Coletta (7)

back in my bed
i could pack it

Stephanie Helfgott (6)

mom takes my hand
and tells me about the divorce.
trying to be thankful

Brittany Falardeau

Grandma’s family prayer
upon atheists’ ears

Danny Delaney (4)

yelling in the dining room
served with cranberry sauce

Eddie Pluhar (3)

whispering to Mom
“Who are those people again?”

Jessica Golden (3)

first holiday
without you
more than an empty seat

no christmas tree
grandmother's back
is aching

dad watches the game
from his recliner

Kelsy Whitney (6)

living room couch
puppy’s warm breath
through the leg of my jeans

Laura Scoville (2)

after dinner
glad I’m not in charge
of the dishes

singing carols
dreaming of
hot cocoa

sprinkles on
frosting on my nose

sibling rivalry
even with
deviled eggs

Bret Henderson

it's a good morning
waking up to
my dogs

round and round the table
my sister and I
like we are five

Beth Ann Melnick (6)

one seat missing
from the round table

smoke alarm
the kitchen becomes
a cloud

cat in the christmas tree
as my mom
coaxes her out

on the dock
for your memory

Tis the season
to get out
the Christmas socks again

tonight is the only night
my brother will
do the dishes

procrastination to the max
that's right…
Thanksgiving Break man!

Samantha Parks (3)

hostility withheld
gathered around the table
we play monopoly

a side of mashed potatoes
next to my mashed potatoes
vegetarian thanksgiving

Brittany Falardeau (3)

extra seats
pulled around
the kitchen table

another Christmas
without grandpa—
a single snowflake

Eddie Pluhar (7)

homey dining room
he adjusts the music
to match the food

heated debate
each team
is the best

fresh and warm rolls
secret recipe . . .

Jessica Golden (3)

turkey growing cold
I do

Katie Coletta (2)

Thanksgiving tornado
the turkey
grows cold

scooping up the stuffing


catching up
in the kitchen
Who scored?!

© 2010, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.