Rengay Attempts

Global Haiku Tradition • Rengay Attempts 1, Spring 2010


last second
ball leaves her hand
barely misses

lingering disappointment
not meant to stay

packing her bags
change of scenery
her new life

college freshman
far from home
glad to get away

walk of shame
hard lesson learned

spinning wheels
helmet hits the ground
her dad lifts her up

by Sam Miles
& Kim Watson


Standing in a circle
Three boys, a white rabbit
…And a rock

Silence fills the space,
Shatters trust

Holding her breath
Lungs scream
...winds howling on the lake

A stab at the stars
Shadows fill the void
And swallow everything

Barn swallows screeching
death circles on black wings

wide eyed child
in a stroller
watches mommy take a drag

by Sam Parks
& Brandon Watson

Tones and Tonalities

my chestnut skin
in the moonlight
a glowing woman

my pigments
so many, so beautiful

dark voice
deep skin tone

the soul of a female
her spirit
divine phonation

never miss
a single beat

you are

by Stephanie Helfgott
& Nicole


I shred your promises
torn receipts
given to the wind

empty words
of affection unkept

hairdryer hits the wall
the familiarity
of his harsh tone

times of joy
seem so long ago

a bouquet of flowers
laid on my carseat-
promises to keep me close

two hands sharing one mitten
you pull me tighter against the cold

by Brittany Falardeau
& Eddie Pluhar

The Outcast

In the stand
Dad draws the bow
A deer below

A subtle breeze
Splatters blood specs

a trail
put the stand here

Boredom sinks in
Lord of the Rings

I sleep straight through
Their hunting breakfast…
Not for me

In the corner
My bow – gathers dust

by Danny Delaney
& Derek Delaney

Untitled Rengay

ribbons tied
up her calves
anticipating her entrance

pencils tap
exams hot from the copier

the lights
bring her back
right her course

the first question
stabs me

taking a bow
she runs off stage

turning in
her papers
tears brim

by Jill Knott
& Madeline Knott

Seeing Through Another’s Eye

the sight of vision
unclear to her
not him

through the lens
examining flaw not perfection

taken to do
what her memory
might fail at

moments from the past
experiencing rebirth
upon second glance

surrounding the window
the new father’s flash

the first installment
of a new tradition
family portrait

by Ally Staudenmaier
& Kelsy Whitney

Main Street

red brick
he runs the chalk
across the wall

through the window
she smiles

flickers once

three times
he says
I love you

running through
the parking lot

the traffic
for us

by Beth Ann Melnick
& Laura Scoville (7)

Rain Drops


the bird’s beak
attacks the limb

with one crack
all he knows

the freedom
of life
amongst the clouds

with his once lost

the familiar

by Bret Henderson
& Jared Cerny

Loving You In Illusion

scuffling through leaves
and broken

in the sun, I see
your darkness reflecting into me

my suncatcher
throws diamonds
in the grass

my heart beams
in the thought of your smile
remembering our love

scotchtaped mirror
a crack in my eye

the puzzle finished
with one piece

by Jessica Golden
& Katie Colletta (6)

Untitled Rengay

My feelings
reflected in yours
Teddy bear

Twinkling eyes
A blushed smirk

Arms, legs, hands
all lost
beneath the sheets

a tangled web
your love

i can’t get away
but if i remain
You will consume me

The void of your
heart unavoidable

Kale Ewing


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