Global Haiku Tradition--Tan-Renga Fall 2010

clothes strewn
across the bathroom
first date
never knew
it'd end that quick

bundled up
she can barely feel
her fingers on her notebook
carefully she finds
his hand

safe in his sweatshirt
she hides
in plain sight
what to do when
she can feel forever

caps by Ally Staudenmaier

staring at the stars
we make our own
you trace them with my fingers
new moon

staring at me
you make the seasons change
morning glories
decay above
crumpled maple leaves

heat storm
from the roof of the building
we see the lightning
of our chaotic city

caps by Beth Ann Melnick

gym commons
I see the man
who told me to be great
driving his students
into the ground

by Eddie & Bret

mudstains, tears
so many memories
in these jeans
too many
to let go

by Kale & Bret

home cooked food
warms my soul
for a few days
but she
won’t be replaced

by Sam & Bret

caps by Bret Henderson

haunted by the memory
of the little girl’s screams
alone in my apartment
the eggshells
sound like gunshots

his goodbye
giving me my wings
dancing in the rain
and the rest of my life

his soft “I miss you”
in the black-light
the old scars

caps by Brittany


family dinner
empty seat
where he would’ve been


mudstains, tears
so many memories
in these jeans
their denim fabric
woven to my heart

caps by Eddie

she brushes back her hair
all her reflection shows
is hate
As water crystals fall
Blood red

disney cup
filled with rum
not ready to let go just yet
setting the picture down
he grasps her heart

my Beauty
doesn’t come
from a bottle
my self-confidence

caps by Danny

searching for fate
in the palms
of my grandmother
I realize
I was never alone

Waiting so long
to hear you cry . . .
tiny shoes
who will you

yoga partners stare
rent late,
no stove.

caps by Jessica Golden

wishing upon stars
just balls
of gas
my dreams float
through infinity

late night snack
she squints
at the refrigerator light
diet starts

spinning and dancing
Daddy’s hands
still stronger than mine
my white dress
weeps diamonds

caps by Katie Colletta

two girls walk by you
a silent tear
it’s hard knowing
she had him first

by Jessica & Kelsy

my twelve page confession
you say
unknowingly deepening
my heartbreak

by Kale & Kelsy

risking it all
to be each others’
summer love
unaware, he’s not
worthy of the risk

cap by Kelsy Whitney

crowded bed
I finally find a place
for my left arm
under the crook
of her back

lips touch
one last time
departing summer
already thinking about
our next embrace


caps by Maddie

under the covers
midnight conversation
on the phone
you tell me
your secrets

heat storm
from the roof of the building
we see the lightning
the orange sky

under the stars
we walk through
our old neighborhood
I trip
on the new concrete

caps by Laura Scoville

gym commons
I see the man
who told me to be great
silent nod
says everything

-kukai 6

everywhere she looks
she finds
he sees only

-kukai 8

got lost
the tennis ball
breeze rolls in

caps by Kale Ewing

walking together
I still don’t think
you see me
the wonderful person
you raised me to be

by Eddie & Sam M.

sunset on the bridge
she finally has the courage
to say yes
Too bad
Someone else did first

by Beth Ann & Sam M.

on the car hood
our hands join
under the stars
our last night
before we leave for school

by Eddie & Sam M.

he only left
his handwriting
a young beau’s signature
etched on the stone memorial

Beth Ann & Sam P.

the remnants
of her virginity

Bret & Sam P.

red rose
drips down my leg
little girl shakes the polaroid,
watches the colors bleed away

cap by Sam Parks

in the shower
i think of you
...shampoo in my eyes
the sting
feels so right

as days go by
she shortens her skirt
for him
in months
she'll freeze

my king bed
with a teddy bear
it knows
cuddling best

caps by Stephanie Helfgott

© 2010, Randy Brooks • Millikin University • All rights returned to authors upon publication.