Haiku Matching Contest - Chill of Autumn Rain

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Global Haiku Traditions Fall 2010

hands held up
to shield the rain
he carries her inside

morning after
her hair still holds
the bonfire’s smoky scent

bundled up
under a blanket
through the pumpkin patch

jealous rain drops
cool me off
but I'm still really hot





top quarter champion



top half champion


bottom quarter champion





raindrops fall
all around us
as our lips . . . touch

we lay on the sidewalk
side by side
listening to the rain

i nestle
into darkness
. . . puddles

down comforter
same as the caterpillar


top half champion





bottom half champion


mudstains, tears
so many memories
in these jeans

gritty gravel driveway
her yellow toy boat
sails through the puddle

tumultuous torrent of rain
I breathe a drop
of the sea

hear the wind
moan with longing
for a break





top quarter champion



bottom half champion


bottom quarter champion





grab it quick quick
feel it. chills.
sweatshirt’s a must

shoes squeaking
down the hall
forgotten umbrella

the excitement dies
in the dugout
rain delay

bike races
through the rain
accidents happen

© 2010, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
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