2 Kukai

Global Haiku Traditions • Millikin University • Fall 2010

hungry teenagers
anxiously await breakfast
Christopher Robin

empty bottles
hidden away
keep daddy happy

bottle rocket
neighbor's glass door!
whew. hit the gutter

from her bedroom
she hears
the fighting

laying in the grass
wet, sticky blades
tickle my legs and yours

pressing pause
the rhythmic waves
become a new song

on the capitol steps
independence night
homeless man is joined by the crowd

on the shore
I wonder—
how long should I wait?

the sprinkler hisses
like an angry snake

racing to womanhood 
the girl in the miniskirt 
still holds Barbie

on the car hood
our hands join
under the stars

down comforter
slipping in between
the layers

rusty playground
the chains moan as our swings
finally synchronize

mine at last
the beautiful doll
playmates gone

I slip on the rock
you grab my arm, just
a friendly gesture

hum of the crickets
blanket for two

frosted window
a piece of the pine forest
in our living room

the boy's second glance
at the girl in her bikini

chasing butterflies
i remember
I'm no longer a child

stomach cramps
enraging desire
to be with you

mango trees create shadows
the water glows
just for us

singing sweetly
rope is slowly moving
jump in

lumpy marshmallows
reminding you
of a wide-eyed crowman

down the shore
two chairs
awkwardly together

toe into water
pushed in

watermelon drips
down my dress
i smile

they sit, throwing stones
revealing nothing

as we run behind the barn door
where the grown ups can’t see

running faster
trying to find
the breeze

looking out the back
I leave my home
I barely knew

evening rain
an old woman feels youth
upon her dampened foot

hand in hand
she greets.. her parents
face to face

stepping lightly
through the woods
worries disappear

the moonlight dances
on the forbidden lake

sweat drips
glasses clank as
the crickets chirp

as days go by
she shortens her skirt
for him

day old band aid
pull it fast
…or slow?

sun catcher
refracts shattered light
across her freckles

salty breeze, cool sand
take me back
…to you

blueberries nestled in batter
safe and warm
fresh pancakes

watching Sparrow
wanting to rip the skin that binds me
born to fly

table lamp glowing
yelling down the hall
face in a book

waving crazily
above my head
wasps swarm

she holds out her hand
we swim into light

people expect us
to be angsty
I’m just a teenager

city pool
umbrellas sprout
like mushrooms

dead bird
splayed on the sidewalk
kids poke with sticks

© 2010, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.