Haiku Kukai 3

Global Haiku • Millikin University • Fall 2010

pumpkin patch
he sets the last one in line
into his wagon

small boy uproots grass
strewn by wind
you did it to me

fall’s arrival
the wind raises goosebumps
beneath my toga

blow that sawdust away
and when it’s all gone,
I’ll still be just clay

falling bare
days grow short
crunch away

whispering breeze
singsong leaves
in the raspberry blooms

flocks of bird girls
make love
to treadmills

deflated empty boxes
holding his crying sister
six candles

while students doze
she can’t
feel the pressure

heat from the spotlight
warms her face
she closes her eyes and begins

evening sky
the bitter breeze whispers something
I cannot understand

family gathers
on the couch
first kickoff

glittering shadows
dance across the faces of

the taste of you
like smolder-smoke

raking up piles
of crispy leaves

my sticky situation
consuming all my time . . .
fresh maple syrup for my pancakes

i cry out
as I’m drenched in warmth

under the covers
midnight conversations
on the phone

clear starry night
fire, discussions
rage on

as we walk by the field
we hear a roar
the home team scored

taking up
daylight's hours

colored pencils
scoring my life
in pretty pastels

beautiful storm
for some, devastating
for others

wrapping up
the memories
moving day

running through crimson trees
away from

autumn mist seeps
bones creak

climbing up
veined and yellowing grass
spiky caterpillar

cool breeze
the stars seem to crackle
with the fire

slowly around
free at last

white goat
I step over my shadow
to hide in the flock

October afternoon
a stolen kiss
beneath a blanket of leaves

Tuesday’s chill
her spirit dances
with the dogwood

a chill wind blows moonlight
through the park
a stolen kiss

first chill
seems we’ll have to hold

shivering and wet
your body becomes
my blanket

with homecoming
comes my birthday

morning chill
her ride to cross country
arrives before sun up

midnight in the park
the dewy jungle gym leaves the scent of rust
on my palms

© 2010, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.