Haiku Matching Contest 3 - Homecoming

Global Haiku Traditions Fall 2010

falling leaves
we dive into

homecoming bonfire
blazing bright
first kiss

homecoming night
your sweater
breaks the wind

autumn rain
I wait for him
to offer his jacket





top quarter champion



top half champion


bottom quarter champion





autumn sky
touches my soul
where he cannot

skipping stones
our pristine reflection

willow’s dance
like the secrets
spoken within our eyes

wise willow creaks
spins her tale


top half champion





bottom half champion


Queen bee,
many companions, all drones,
casually watching—
she spirals away

my crown
smaller than hers

green of the field
catching my eye
he starts the play

our alma mater
drifts through the stands
as the king and queen pass





top quarter champion



bottom half champion


bottom quarter champion





pep band strikes up
her dead son
returns home . . .

fall break
i match my mother’s steps
roasted apples

October sky
I claim a star
as ours

shimmering dresses
dirt mound hips
sway home beneath stars

© 2010, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.