Haiku Kukai 4 - Love Haiku

Global Haiku Traditions • Millikin University • Fall 2010

winter . . .
he left only
his handwriting

stirring the soup
with my finger
maybe someday he’ll call

holding his hand
I learn the hardest lesson
letting go

meeting the parents
football game
no says it all

one floor above
finds a steady rhythm

eating healthy
brussels sprouts…
twitch at the thought

prayer for the
strength to
overcome the miles

friendly conversation
oh, how we desire
for hands to do the talking

tapping my foot by the door
waiting for you
like always

watching the empty road
knowing he will never

walking the beach
this time
my footprints alone

bailing hay
sweat drips down,
she wipes it all away . . .

my twelve page confession
you say

dress picked
flowers bloom
now fill in the groom

walking together
I still don’t think
you see me

a gentle shove
from behind
no training wheels

he walks by
my aviators hide
my moistened eyes

two chairs
at the café table
one lonely latte

new hairdo
just so I have
a reason to talk to you

from my window
I see his arms
. . . around Her

you knocked me over
without lifting
a finger

in the shower
i think of you
. . . shampoo in my eyes

lightly stepping
into a warm shower
worries melt away

going out of his way
to pass her window
she never looks

you’re not mine
but I have to see you
every day

autumn breeze
her hand
missing a ring

penciled across
the notebook
my name with his

not even grandma’s thread
can stitch up
this heart

I take the grass as they float by
hand in hand

cheeks flush
as he catches me
checking him out

from across the quad
she sees him
his new fling

enticingly pressing
my body against his
glad I did abs . . .

after the breakup—
late to class
taking the long way

high school sweethearts
a little lie
ends it all

kissing your neck
i feel you
drain me

text message
he's too drunk
to care

first glimpse
of her body
his strength surrenders

stars fade
I wrap myself
in your darkness again

falling as I kiss you
knowing you belong to another

his head in the game
he will never know
she exists

sunset on the bridge
she finally has the courage
to say yes


© 2010, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.