Kukai 9 - Open Topic Favorites

Global Haiku • Millikin University • Fall 2010

searching for fate
in the palms
of my grandmother

Brittany Falardeau (2)

in the black-light
the old scars

Beth Ann Melnick (3)

yoga partners stare

the calm
he walks in
thunder rolls

Ally Staudenmaier (3)

alone in my apartment
the eggshells
sound like gunshots

Beth Ann Melnick (2)

riding a motorcycle
and texting
asking for trouble

Bret Henderson (3)

first frost
her crib

Jessica Golden (4)

pull it out by
the handful
pumpkin seeds

Ally Staudenmaier (2)

falling asleep
not even my dreams
are free from you

Eddie Pluhar (8)

winter park
the swing’s only passenger

Laura Scoville (5)

their kissing sounds
so gross

Stephanie Helfgott (8)

bundled up
she can barely feel
her fingers on her notebook

Samantha Miles

midnight espresso
stalling in the kitchen
to avoid computer’s glare

black spider
binds her dinner
in silk

my king bed
with a teddy bear

Madeline Knott (6)

baring it all
in October
maple tree

sailing the seas
your ring
near my heart

Ally Staudenmaier (4)

beneath the stars
forever and a day
with you

Kelsy Whitney (5)

I taste a strawberry
…then your lips

Eddie Pluhar (6)

where the fly on my wall
has been

my one and only
watches us

Kale Ewing (4)

around the table
their mouths
full of loaded questions

Beth Ann Melnick (5)

wishing upon stars
just balls
of gas

safe in his sweatshirt
she hides
in plain sight

Beth Ann Melnick (4)

disney cup
filled with rum
not ready to let go just yet

Brittany Falardeau (5)

inky branches
melt into
the leaf-colored lagoon

beneath the watcher’s eyes,
the mouse

clothes strewn
across the bathroom
first date

Madeline Knott (5)

I love this poem because this is exactly how most first dates are. You want so badly to impress the boy, so you try on a million outfits so you’ll look just right and you don’t have time to hang your clothes back up. You’re rushing around trying to get ready, so you barely make it out of the door on time, and after the date you have a beautiful pile of clothes waiting for you to hang back up when you get home! Kelsy

red rose
drips down my leg


When I read this poem, I was immediately brought back to a situation in high school in which one of my friends was cutting herself. I didn’t know about it for almost three years (we were only friends the last few months... very complicated and not particularly relevant, so I’ll spare you), but it had progressed to the point where she had stopped cutting her wrists because they were so scarred and had moved on to her legs. She cut to stop the other pain, and as a cry for help. I don’t know if you have heard of the website To Write Love On Her Arms or not, but it is a website that is supposed to help people cope with the pain and stop cutting. Bre didn’t use it for that... she used it as a support system to keep cutting - she got inspiration from it. I’m pretty sure this is not how the poem was intended, but the memory it brought to mind was very specific to me. Katie

walking home
make it last forever

Kelsy Whitney (5)

underwater seaweed
her hair
pulls me closer

Katie Coletta (2)

the name…
sweat tea

walking in
so beautiful
you shine in the dark

Eddie Pluhar

late night, at the door
on the cheek

Kale Ewing (4)

This reminds me so much of my relationship with my high school sweetheart. The night that we became official he wouldn’t even hold my hand let alone consider kissing me. The time seemed to drag by so slow until I finally got that first kiss, which is what this haiku reminds me of. It was over Christmas break and we had been dating for three months and he still hadn’t kissed me. We were at his basketball tournament and they had just won the tournament. After the team gathered for the winning picture and he gather all of his gear, he walked over to me and he grabbed my hand. We slowly walked out to the car and I had this feeling that something was different tonight. It was almost as if he was nervous about something and I knew that it was something more than just having finished a huge holiday basketball tournament, I just didn’t know what exactly it was. We were going back to his house for dinner and it was the quietest car drive imaginable. By this point I was positive something was wrong and I started assuming the worse and I was so nervous as we pulled into his driveway. He turned off the engine and we both sat there for a few seconds but it seemed like forever. We finally got out and headed to the door and soon as I got there he reached out and grabbed my hand. He slowly and gently turned me around and he leaned in and lightly kissed me on the cheek. All of the nervousness quickly flooded from my body and I relaxed and just smiled. Something as simple as a small kiss on the cheek can mean so much. I liked how this haiku is so simple and can so easily display the innocence and simplicity of the first kiss or kiss on the cheek. Sam Miles

bells ring
your “i do” gives me
angel’s wings

Eddie Pluhar (5)

you weren’t worth
the money

dancing in the rain
and the rest of my life

Kelsy Whitney (7)

late night snack
she squints
at the refrigerator light

Laura Scoville (5)

with crossed legs
where’s the bathroom?

tiny shoes
who will you

Katie Coletta (6)

check the clock…
her costume feathers
begin to wilt

Beth Ann Melnick (2)

three ghosts at the door
he plays the role
of happy husband

Brittany Falardeau (9)

grocery store
with a lazy wheel

got lost
the tennis ball

Trick or Treat
the shrill growl
of the dentist’s drill

he marches through
the twirling leaves

little girl
on every single crack

Samantha Parks (4)

house party
nobody gets
my costume

Stephanie Helfgott (2)

at the tea leaves
smudged in my glass

sexy nurse
bad costume choice
in the snow

eyes open, I wonder
who will catch me first

attempted break dance
ipod too loud
to hear their laughter

Brittany Falardeau

zombies aren’t real!
knock on the door
we all jump

we come to a stop
he jumps out to
open my door

© 2010, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.