Global Haiku • Fall 2010
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Ally Staudenmaier

Ally Staudenmaier is a Sophomore Biology major with a focus in Secondary Education. She is a member of Delta Delta Delta, Vice President of Administration and Finance for Panhellenic council, a member of Alpha Lamda Delta and Sigma Zeta. She continues to grow as a person and to-be teacher as a tutor and teaching assistant. She enjoys haiku and its ability to relate to her life.

Heart of Life
a kasen renga


Trial and Error
Ally Staudenmaier

Coming into haiku class, poetry wasn't my thing. I learned that poetry is an emotional experience. I learned to write haiku by reflection. I feel as though the best haiku I wrote were from the heart. I wrote about my life and most of them were from experiences. I loved to write what I was feeling and how situations affected me. I learned to love haiku and loved to share them.

green of the field
catching my eye
he starts the play

clay pigeons
sunlight on my face
no longer there

camo and boots
check the safety
pop. missed the target

starry night sky
gazing upon
our future

holding me
sweat drips down
holding you

wipe off the dirt
onto my jeans
30 acres to go

he's in my heart
on Earth no longer
he stands by me

penciled across
the notebook
my name with his

saling the seas
your ring
near my heart

star gazing
bed of my truck
sigh of relief

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