Global Haiku • Fall 2010
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Brett Henderson

Bret Henderson is a math and physics double major planning on going to graduate school to get his doctorate in physics which he would like to get a job researching. Bret's hometown is Washington, IL.


The Best Years

Brett Henderson

The title "The Best Years" comes from me writing about my childhood to the present. I feel as though these are supposed to be the best years.

I chose these haiku to be in because I feel as thought they are the best that I have written. Some of them are simple, and some of them have much more to them than they look at first glance. Also, some of these are the haiku that my peers picked to be my best and some of their favorites. I tried to cover a range of different subjects as well as a variety of writing styles that I use in my writing.

Reader’s Introduction

Bret Henderson's haiku is simple yet mind grabbing. He covers all kinds of situations, emotions and thoughts, using language that ranges from simple and stark to elaborate and witty. From small pleasures like being greeted by pets to deeper emotions driven out by a companion on a snowy night, Bret shows real talent in expressing his world through Haiku. Mason Masters

she came back
for him . . .

her presence
first snow

by wet noses

family dinner


clear starry night
fire, discussions
rage on

thinking about the future
watching the past
star lit night

one more
shooting star

Jupiter's eternal storm
feud between

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