Global Haiku • Fall 2010
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Brittany Falardeau

Brittany Falardeau is a sophomore Musical Theater Major, dance minor from St.Paul, Minnesota. In addition to film editing she enjoys various styles of creative writing in her free time. With a strong focus on family, relationships, and social justice issues, Falardeau’s work stems from the deeper side of people we tend to over look. Her haiku writing is both for her enjoyment, but also in hopes of giving a new idea, insight, or sense of hope and understanding to her readers.

Two Tiny Hours Out of a Life
a kasen renga

One Voice Cries Out
Haiku Film Project (on YouTube)

Essay on
Family Relationsips in Haiku

Naked Before the Stag

Brittany Ann Falardeau

huddled for warmth
strangers against the cold
one voice cries out in song

shaded hammock
freshly cut pineapple
lingers on your lips

wind calls me
your hand
the only thing tying me down

two strays fight
as he rips a piece
from his crusted roll

watching Sparrow
wanting to rip the skin that binds me
born to fly

first fight
he tells her she sounds
like her mother

deflated    empty boxes
holding his crying sister
six candles

crumbling river bank
You promised me Forever

enviously staring down the couch
my all-night date
with my English paper

his girly hands
fade to ice
hate crime

big notebook
to hide the excitement
her short skirt

disney cup
filled with rum
not ready to let go just yet

searching for fate
in the palms
of my grandmother

three ghosts at the door
he plays the role
of happy husband

I shred your promises
torn receipts
given to the wind

locked out
we build a house
in the snow

pep band strikes up
her dead son
returns home . . .

mending her tears
with soft strokes
of nail polish

© 2010, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.