Global Haiku • Fall 2010
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Jessica Golden

Jessica Golden is a sophomore Commercial Music major at Millikin University. As an active member of Millikin's vocal jazz ensemble, One Voice, Millkin's University Choir, and a First Year Experience Mentor, her life is filled to the brim with the hustle and bustle that comes with with it all, but she has found that writing haiku is something that helps her to open her mind and relax after a long day of classes and rehearsals. From a young age, Jessica has enjoyed creative writing and hopes to include it in whatever career she settles into someday.

Two Tiny Hours Out of a Life
a kasen renga

essay on
Children in Haiku


415 Memory Lane

Jessica Golden

When trying to choose a title for this small collection, I decided that 415 Memory Lane was the perfect one. Since so many of my haiku are based on experiences from my past, what better road to choose to go down than Memory Lane? And because my room number is 415...well, you get the idea. This collection is comprised of what I feel are my best haiku of this year, and these are the haiku that mean the most to me. There are some that specifically refer to past experiences, but there are also some that I just liked the sound of. Because haiku is ever changing and ever evolving, it is impossible to say that this little book is truly complete, but for now, on this sixth day of December, it is just right for me . . . Happy Haiku-ing!

a mother cradles her son
and thinks of Mary

rearview mirror blocked
boxes, food, a teddy bear

one leap off the diving board
bikini bottoms slip
thank goodness for bubbles

heat from the spotlight
warms her face
she closes her eyes and begins

enticingly pressing
my body against his
glad I did abs . . .

heat storm
from the roof of the building
we see the lightning

where the fly on my wall
has been

the boys' second glance
at the girl in her bikini

first frost
her crib

frosted windows
a piece of the pine forest
in our living room

once over
the hazy moon
she soars

risking it all
to be each other's
summer love

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