Global Haiku • Fall 2010
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Kale Ewing

Kale Ewing is a sophomore Commercial Music Major at Millikin University. He loves music, his friends and his family, because isn’t that what everyone is supposed to say? He does not enjoy following the rules.

Two Tiny Hours Out of a Life
a kasen renga

How Many Memories

Kale Ewing

My collection, How Many Memories, includes those haiku that I feel best represent me, or are the most applicable to everyday life. I try to simply put Kale on the page, not poetry. If I’m true to that, what follows will be work I’m proud of.  

Reader's Introduction:

Kale’s haiku have a great, dreamy quality to them. Each one calls up a memory and helps the reader to vividly relive a moment in time. Most of the haiku speak of things that can be identified by almost anyone, helping us to sympathize with the subject of each haiku and to feel an immediate emotional connection. Some of them have a light, whimsical feeling that bring a smile while others call up moments in time that may have been trying and upsetting. Many of the haiku speak of relationships and seem as if they could be taken straight out of someone’s mind. 

My personal favorite is ‘mudstains.’ I spoke of haiku that were accessible to many people, and this is certainly one of those. The haiku effectively pulls in opposite emotional directions right from the first line. The contrasting connotations of the word itself could allude to a time when the subject was working hard or a time when the subject was having fun in the rain with friends. Immediately after, the word ‘tears’ can be determined as either crying or as rips in the jeans, each giving multiple possible twists in meaning.Nearly everyone has a favorite pair of jeans, and though we may not think of it, those jeans have been through many times with us. This haiku has an exciting way of personifying them. Overall, Kale’s haiku are wonderful and I certainly enjoy how easily they can be related to. 

Nathan Bettenhausen

you knocked me over
without lifting
a finger

first chill
seems we'll have to hold

mudstains, tears
how many memories
in these jeans?

my twelve page confession
you say

my one and only
watches us

zombies aren’t real!
knock on the door
we all jump

late night, at the door
on the cheek

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