Biting Winds & Sunshine

Global Haiku Tradition • Kasen-Renga • Fall 2010


Biting Winds & Sunshine
a kasen renga

November 30, 2010


Eddie Pluhar, Samantha Miles, Samantha Parks, and Madeline Knott

Biting Winds and Sunshine

snowflake builds ontop
the pile
ready for sledding

against the biting winds
a single goose

I step lightly
across the frozen pond
as the ice starts cracking

pink little mittens
first Christmas

pictures on the icy glass
just beyond
the moon shines

eyes still closed to beauty
he guzzles down warm gin

opening her eyes
the baby sees the world
for the first time

rising sun
the land begins to bloom

crisp white sheets
at the cheap motel

tarnished earrings
nestled inside their velvet case, waiting

bells chime
rejoicing their wedding day—
sunshine lights their hearts aglow

final bell
summer fun begins

harvest moon
glows over the
barren parking lot

the hum of insects against the lights
fast food joint at midnight

clothes stick
to my damp skin--
humid summer night

sparkling stars
cover the world with a peaceful blanket

our clothes shed
on the floor
like cherry blossoms

bubbling over with worry
...a porcelain bathtub

we hug in the park
and i breathe you in

fetching the frisbee
his golden puppy runs in circles

reeling in
today's catch
in the rain

crossing a field of stars,
fireflies in the dew laced grass

rocking back and forth
the babies eyes

leaping across the room
another fight for the remote

feeling sorry
for myself
alone at prom

unspoken promises...
the sisters lock pinkies

behind the old oak tree
we find our old hiding spot
acorns scattered around us

standing his ground
the squirrel blocks the sidewalk

the knife
showing the moon
as the killer plots

carving pumpkins with his grandson
the veteran crunches slowly on roast seeds

awkward smiles
stare back at him—
high school yearbook

eyes staring on the wall
last year's deer

finding a new way
to say i love you
stroke survivor

lungs ache for air
butterfly through the calm waters

warmth on my skin
beautiful sunshine

gentle breeze
over the grassy meadows

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