Coffee & Cigarettes

Global Haiku Tradition • Kasen-Renga • Fall 2010


Coffee & Cigarettes
a kasen renga

December 1, 2010


Laura, Beth Ann, Peter, Alyssa

coffee kasen

Coffee & Cigarettes

midnight on the porch
on the cracked plastic chair

I take off my mitten
to light a cigarette

evening rush
wiping her hands
on the apron, waiting

winter dust
suspended in the streetlamp

counting his breaths
under gaze of the moon
we steal the moment

just another star
in a never ending sky

after . . .

fog on the glass
he starts the car

rural red light
the hazy glow
keeps me company

midwinter sun
melting footprints in the doorway

stirring the tea
his first parking ticket
as her bookmark

the kitchen light flickers
then goes out

the bare branches
make a puzzle
of the moon

coffee ring
on the water bill

trying to fit our lives
into pictures frames
and videotapes

finding the lighter
in his pocket

abandoned lot
a single blossom
resting in the rusty spokes

his callused hands
the only story to tell

the wooden fence
missing a post
like the gap in his smile

lightning splits the sky
in two

the dog running
in his sleep
paws twitching in window light

the uneven concrete
catches her shoe

sneaking a drag
the morning sun
his only witness

after the rain
the blacktop shines

the yellow jungle gym
leaves rust
his my palms

autumn wind
carries spirals of color

from the weight
of a snowflake
the last leaf falls

his old mittens
still fit the same

stray snowball
in the moonlight
breaks on the windshield

spoiled milk
forgotten on the porch

living room couch
pulling out the cushions
to find the remote

old shoebox
keeps yesterday safe

paper cut
from the child's book
she never stops reading

park bench
he sits in the middle

he tucks
a cherry blossom
behind her ear

on the staircase
always two steps below

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