Heart of Life

Global Haiku Tradition • Kasen-Renga • Fall 2010


Heart of Life
a kasen renga

November 28, 2010


Ally Staudenmaier, Kelsey Whitney, Lauren Kitterman, and Heather Holms

coffee kasen

Heart of Life

In the garden
Bluebird sings
As the sun sets

The smell of your perfume
As she dances to the song

Minds twirling
In perfect harmony
The store is closing

Time spent away
Makes her heart spin

Two hearts
Miles apart
Beneath the same silvery moon

The butterfly slowly
Leaves the tree. empty

Dreaming of him
Blank pillow
She turns to the wall

Hot summer night
She opens a single window

Sunlight falls
Upon the computer screen
No new emails

Screen fades to black
Fourth power outage

Trips to a new place
Leave them stranded
No reception

Shouting the guy's name
From the upstairs bedroom

The moon
Gives light
To a new argument

the ride to the pasture
give s a new view of pretty

from the back window
passing cars read
'Just Married'

The doves fly out
Flying towards the sun

Blossoming trees
Like the pathway
Towards Heaven

His touch lingers
Long after he's gone

Shocking him into feeling
the right answer's
Never found

Vast empty pasture
Deer wandering alone

In the darkness
of my heart
I sometimes wonder

The nights spent together
grow with the stars

Unlike our unborn son
I name a constellation
after him

We rise and fall together
with the tides of change

Washed away
all of your footprints
from my memory

Scanning the page
for my mystery man

His whisper in my ear
like the cold
winter's wind

Fascinated by the glow
new father

The man in the moon
stares at me
in disappointment

Without the pressure of everyday
falling into a sleepy void

Beginning a journey
of new excitement
new credit card

The super attractive cashier
asks seductively "paper or plastic"

Growing up
I always wanted to be
a Barbie doll

You're the best Christmas present
that I've ever received

That precious time
growing together
cherry blossoms

Throughout my life
all the thing I've learned to cherish

• • •



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