Two Tiny Hours Out of a Life

Global Haiku Tradition • Kasen-Renga • Fall 2010


Two Tiny Hours Out of a Life
a kasen renga

November 21, 2010


Katie Colletta, Kale Ewing, Brittany Falardeau, Jessica Golden

two tiny

Two Tiny Hours Out of a Life

wet leaves cover the ground
i wish they would
cover me

beneath twisted vines
a forgotten key

home from college
my room inhabited by spiders
the sounds of their weaving

in my mind
dark with chills

the moonlight reflects
off your necklace
yet to be given

gray bank of clouds
blanketing all

underneath grandma's stitches
with room enough
for the family dog

warm butterflies float
in and out with the fabric

summer breeze
floats the sheets
like my spirit

from my favorite swing
i watch the tomatoes grow

the sound of chain link
like my mother's cries
as i step out into my life alone

a single rose
in the palm of a child

ticket to the moon
but not back

like far flung stars
my friends, scattered

his number still in my phone book
i hang up
after the third ring

once, twice, three times you loved

i lean back in my chair
as cherry blossoms

sleeping farmer
tilting the rocking chair—too far

memory of her pear blossom heart
resting in my palm
gently my fingers close

gentle carpet giggles
as she scoots towards her mother

tv shuts off
and silence
is awkward

missed opportunity
where would we be?

her "i love you"
can't hide the desire
for the life she left

glancing through the albums
she points to that face

holding me
as a baby

a piece of confetti
once landed on the cake

eleven lonely candles
wishing for
her parents to smile

car doors slam
she looks out the window to the snow

not picked today
moonlight illuminates the orphanage

a water drop
dripping from the gargoyle's nose

so still
i can almost hear
the snow melt

from old jeans and shirts
the stars on my quilt

like the triangle flag
held my grandma

a single leaf
waves from the naked tree

fallen bow—as i stand
naked before the stag
cherry blossoms at dusk

fog seeps through
and the sunshine becomes haze

• • •

About our Kasen-Renga...

We all decided to be on facebook at 10:00 on the first Sunday of break. It took us two full hours to do the project, and doing it online was an interesting idea. People revised haiku on their own before sending a new message (most of the time), so it removed some of the pressure of someone sitting next to you and watching you think through your options. In that way, I think it afforded us some more freedom. Like I said in class, I enjoyed seeing the different directions people took the flow of the kasen-renga based on the differences in our surroundings. We are constantly influenced by where we are, and being physically separated and simultaneously working on the same project gave the haiku a different feel and drive than they would have if we had been in the same room. Katie C.


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