Strawberry Moon

Global Haiku Tradition • Kasen-Renga • Fall 2010


Strawberry Moon
a kasen renga

December 1, 2010


Danny Delaney, Stephanie Helfgott & Nathan Bettenhausen

strawberry moon

Strawberry Moon

sea spray
sends shimmering gems
across my skin

scratching your name
in the sand

gentle waves
attack the castle
masterpiece disappearing

parting from the shore
into fluorescence

waning moon
my only stability
flashing lights

tonic and gin
twirling again

sudden euphoria
I catch stars
in my palms

stobe lights
seize me

alluring eyes
across the bar
I snap into focus

black cocktail dress
cut too low

pounding bass
matches my heart
beat for beat

a cautious touch
* (spark)

entering shadow
between our silhouettes
a sliver of moonbeam

glancing off the glass
our reflection

Moonlight Sonata
lacing fingers
a perfect cadence

we surrender
to the melodies

she whispers to me
cherry blossoms
on my cheek

her sweet fragrance—

testing boundaries
he caresses
her curves

gingerly removing
all the layers

hidden from public
her beauty drives me
to surrender

the steaming shower
tangled passion

starry night
the constelations reveal

morning rays illuminate
her halo

gently brushing back
her ebony hair
morning kiss

hint of strawberry
on her lips

fluttering open
the alluring eyes
leave me spellbound

returning home
the Sonata lingers

behind rain clouds
the hazy moon
persistenly shines

fields of strawberry
recast the spell

the song of the sea
brings him back
to the crystal shore

among the waves
melodies intertwine

searching the waters
his footprints cross
a heart in the sand

from the pier
her sandy heart calls

alluring eyes
catch mine
blossoming love

on salty shores
home at last

• • •



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