Global Haiku • Fall 2010
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Catie Colletta

Katie Colletta is a sophomore Musical Theatre major from Rockton, IL. She enjoys dancing, baking, traveling, and, thanks to Dr. Brooks, writing haiku.

Two Tiny Hours Out of a Life
a kasen renga


Catie Colletta

Dear Reader,

The following haiku explore the constant motion of the world and ask us to linger in the moments of stillness. In beauty there is pain, and is pain there is beauty. Let each haiku be both.

Thank you for reading, Katie Colletta

sea sand
battering the continents
same old... same old...

tiny shoes
who will you

little girl twirls in sunlight
her version
of a sun salutation

small boy
quietly uprooting grass
the soccer ball sails by

clouds of breath
hover in the air—
no school

blueberries nestled in batter
safe and warm
Dad's pancakes

sun catcher
refracts shattered light
across her freckles

fall break
i match my mother's steps
roasted apples

beneath a bed of stars
summer wind lifts my hair
yoga in the night

before the sermon
an old lady's candy wrapper

running through crimson trees
away from

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