Global Haiku • Fall 2010
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Kelsy Whitney

Kelsy Whitney is a chemistry student at Millikin University, where she enjoys playing tennis and spending time with friends. Her love for haiku stems from her experiences in the Global Haiku class at Millikin, and the inspiration for many of her haiku are friends, family, and relationships. 

Heart of Life
a kasen renga

essay on
Masajo Suzuki's Love Haiku

Things I’ve Learned to Cherish

Kelsy Whitney

Made with love
for my family, my friends,
Heather, and Matthew

This book is a collection of my favorite haiku. Some of these were written about love and heart break, while others were written about family and friends. But all of these are from the heart. The title, “Things I’ve Learned to Cherish” is in reference to the closing haiku in this book. This past year, the past seven months in particular, have opened my eyes in new ways. I am thankful for so many things and individuals, and many of them I have learned to cherish, but I had to learn this the hard way. Enjoy!

as days go by
she shortens her skirt
for him

not even Grandma’s thread
can stitch up
this heart

dancing in the rain
and the rest of my life

small town hero
your picture haunts me

dance floor of my heart
without you

walking home
make it last forever

the whole world
when she smiles

one seat missing
from the round table

dad watches the game
from his recliner

with homecoming
comes my birthday

my tears stop falling
you’re my umbrella

the excitement dies
in the dugout
rain delay

of all days
at the funeral
it rains

the man in the moon
stares at me
in disappointment

© 2010, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.