Global Haiku • Fall 2010
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Madeline Knott

Madeline Knott is a sophomore biology/ pre-med major at Millikin University. She is from Bettendorf, Iowa and finds inspiration in her family and friends. She enjoys music, reading,  and doing gymnastics.

Biting Winds and Sunshine
a kasen renga

Slipping In Between

Madeline Knott

I titled my colletion "Slipping in between" which is named after one of my favorite haiku about climbing into the warm down covers. The idea of a big, warm bed to climb into after a long day is very comforting. My haiku is inspired by experiences in my life and my family, friends, and boyfriend who all offer me the support I need. Examining my haiku, I have found the subject matter often relates to love, life, and cherishing the small things. The little things in life are often the most important and remembered.

lilac blossoms
as your hand
encloses mine

skipping across the quad
no one is watching

my calico cat
nappping on the carpet
i join her

pouring out
the long day
into my diary

covering up
the real scars
he left me

home again
my little brother
now taller than me

skipping stones
our pristine reflection

on the prairie
where pioneers trod
a bison on my path

down comforter
slipping in between
the layers

first snow
finding my way into
your cubby

quiet twilight
fills my bedroom
one candle

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