Global Haiku • Fall 2010
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Stephanie Helfgott

Stephanie Helfgott is native of Central New Jersey. She is currently earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre. She plans to attend graduate school for Opera Performance, then pursue performing and singing-songwriting.

Strawberry Moon
a kasen renga

. . . but I'm still really hot

Stephanie Helfgott


Although I've had an affinity for poetry since the age of ten, I've never had an appreciation or true understanding of haiku, until recently. As a student of Global Haiku Traditions professor Dr. Randy M. Brooks, I've come to grow and embrace the art of haiku. Dr. Brooks encouraged our class to discover our voices and personal writing style, which was very liberating. Throughout the semester, I've realized that my writing isn't very graceful, but it possesses spunk, personality, and a little charm, here and there.

. . . but I'm still really hot is a celebration of the silliness and quirkiness of my writing. I hope that anyone new to haiku finds this an accessible way to appreciate the art form.

jealous rain drops
cool me off
. . . but I'm still really hot

their kissing sounds
so gross

text message—
he's too drunk
to care 

black light—
our undergarments

It's not easy being a mermaid...mucky oil coating my  luscious tresses. My gills are clogged, from the hazy brown waves. My otter friends have become evanescent. The schools of fish have regressed into a trio. Once vibrant coral is now crippled and pale. My heart aches as my illustrious world falters into the black. 

under the sea
another oil spill 

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