Global Haiku • Fall 2012
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Danielle Davis

About the author: Danielle is from Oakwood Hills, IL and until this semester has never really ventured into the art of haiku. Walking into class with only a basic knowledge gained in grade school of what haiku really was, she has learned a lot over the semester and has thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to share her experiences in the form of haiku and hopes to continue in the future.

The Long Ride Home

Danielle Davis


Haiku is a beautiful art form that works with reflection. I have found that the most effective haiku are those that deal with emotion and relatable experience. These haiku speak to people not just on the physical level, but on the emotional level as well. For this reason, a majority of my collection of haiku have to do with the emotions related to specific situations. Many of them don’t invoke imagery, but instead invoke an emotional response. I made these selections as a way to share my experiences and hopefully open lines of conversation for people with similar experiences to my own. That was also the inspiration for the title work of this collection:

fingers intertwine
over the gear shift
long ride home

This haiku has such a universal message that everyone can relate to and even remember a time when they were on a car ride with someone they care about and just enjoying the ride. This is what I hope that all of the haiku in this collection achieve; a relatable, thought provoking picture of a moment in time.

Danielle Davis
Decatur, IL

moon hiding
a lonely lover

tearing eyes
hidden by a smile
as he waves goodbye

making faces
on the frosted glass
falling leaves

porch swing rocks
wrapped in your warmth
watching the stars

fingers intertwine
over the gear shift
long ride home

animals floating
with the noodles
in the steam

open notebooks
on clean desks
drool marks the pages

the empty stage
tells its story
loud and clear

butterfly wings
lost in the sky

pumpkin pies
pumpkin patches
pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin

candy bowl
sign says take one
I will consider it


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