Global Haiku • Fall 2012
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Morgan Ewald

The haiku I have included in this collection are just a small section of the poems I have written this semester. The ones I have included are all about animals. I found, throughout the semester, that I wrote the best haiku when I wasn’t trying, and most of these animal haiku were products of just writing and not trying because I love animals, and they would always come to mind when I would sit down to write haiku. I wouldn’t consider these the entirety of my best haiku, but I wanted the collection to have a theme. I hope you enjoy!

About the author: Morgan Ewald is a double major in creative writing and theatre. She has taken both Dr. Brooks’ roundtable workshop on writing tanka and this Global Haiku Traditions class and loved them both.

baby elephants
savannah grasses
hide you from view

fire-breathing dragon 
wooden swords crash
against a tree

the moonlight
gives a soft light
to the cats outside

the pitter patter
of little paws.
newest edition comes home

lightning flash
teddy clutches
his child in fear

no moonlight,
baseball-sized spider
hangs over my head


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