Global Haiku • Fall 2012
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Skya Gentle

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Falling Raindrops

Skya Gentle

Throughout this semester long journey into the world of haiku, I've learned that my personal best haiku are drawn from, but not directly about my personal experiences. I like to write about things I know and have experienced, but I think my haiku are best when I don't give to much away. My haiku also do well when they stem from the childish or playful side of my personality. Which these haiku may not be the most abundant, I personally think they are my best.

her roses
slowly filling with rain

falling raindrops
I ask them
may I have this dance?

the last of the awkward years
finally over
blow the candles out

we are figure skaters
frozen puddles

thick makeup
over a black eye
she does not look back

the rich neighborhoods
give better candy
empty street

through the front window
we see you ignoring us
doorbell rings again

pink post-it note
a hidden message
from my sister

thinking of you
I wash the dishes

frozen night
on the roof
he apologies again

over your shoulder
a shooting star
we talk of past loves


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