Haiku Kukai 1

Global Haiku • Millikin University • Fall 2013

at the park
friends surround me
memories of afar

pink cheeks
match the sunset
rocking chair

I already told you
I do not want to move
to the country

Led Zepplin
the clash of drums
her lullaby

the door is open
and the light is on
pickles . . .

church bells ring
guests arrive
their day has come

fall leaves
new surroundings
fresh start

prison sentence
bail set at
one more bite of chicken

signs made with markers
tired eyes awake

fanning the fire alarm
to make it shut up—
dinner’s ready

learning cursive
it will be useful
they said . . .


she walks down the aisle
daddy’s tears
a new beginning

silence in our home
a warning sign

getting off the bus
mom asks about school
it was fine

little rebels
we grew up to be
the “wrong crowd”

no, I wanted
a brother

morning light
the canyon awakens
her nightmare

mountains of snow
pink coat

fresh lemons on the furniture
jazz floats
spring cleaning

at the lake
talk for hours

July afternoon
running shoes
stuck to the pavement

burning sun
bare feet running
burning pavement

rose red cheeks
sweaty palms
we hold hands anyways

ice cream cone PLOP
kneel down, a quick glance
back on the cone

first date
clammy palms
flipping stomach

everything sticks
open windows
bring no relief

cool kitchen
peppermint patties and orange slices
granny and gramps

in the grass we lay—
my brother and i
collecting dandelions for mom's bouquet

sitting in a boat
my mind
in New York

cheeks flushed
back wet
pool closed

Memorial day
bouquets on the lawn
honeysuckle ties

standing silent
you said nothing
but I knew

early morning news
scroll . . . scroll . . . scroll . . .
            . . . snow day

returning home—
my little brother suddenly
not so little anymore

black Camaro
sits in the sun
heat bomb

footsteps running
a room once forbidden
now a hideaway

pale blue dot
flying through space
nothing to stop it

bubblegum and leather
sun beats on his face
sweat from his cap

the moon rises
my eyes close
I see my beloved once again

leather sticks to skin
although there is fabric between
the Beach Boys sing on

summer melody
the accompaniment
played by the sun

Summer concert
the fans wave their fans
on the brown scratchy grass

the sun shines in
warms the room
milk was a bad choice

© 2013, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.