Haiku Attempts 2 - health & love

Global Haiku • Millikin University • Fall 2013

Saturday morning—
we skip the gym
and buy cake

running on the beach
nothing beats
dipping in the pool

fresh fall breeze
the soles of my feet
enjoy the challenge

yoga pants
the second best thing
about yoga

. . . exhale . . .
the room is filled
with silence

with each breath
sliding an inch closer
to the floor

downward dog
transitions to cobra
I fall to the ground

a stillness of my heart
a quietness of my mind
yoga is my peace

mental workout
convincing myself
to go to the gym

lying on the bench
burning burning arms
one . . . more . . . rep

one, two, three . . .
we all cry out
counting the sit-ups

cherry blossoms whirring by
pedal after pedal

the open road
before me
I start running

one more mile
another piece
of cake

leaves crunch
under my bike tires
I like it

not for clothes
but for show

the jogger
he's pretty to look at
I should start jogging . . .

sun out
guns out
lifting at the beach




cherry blossoms
mother and daughter
departing geese

shattered on the floor
the ornament
you made for me

failed archery
explains everything

holding hands
a leap of faith
into the ball pit

holding hands to balance
we skate in circles
first date

hold me?
the warm sweet grass
crunches under the blanket

grains of desert sand
from the letter—
his voice

colors and promises fade
as I walk
our old path 

all along I dreamed
I'd find you in his face
daddy's gone

runny nose and puffy pink eyes
he left me
with all of our memories

your hand in mine
I am holding
my entire world

going on a boy fast
only works
if you mean it

the smell of summer lilac
dances through the window
do you remember?

I found it once
lying in his arms

she always clings
to his side
"that couple"

fifty years
they still kiss each other

whiskey kiss
on my cheek
I feel drunk

she's free
the ring sinks
to the very, very bottom

first kiss
a couple waits
for their wedding day

mom and dad
weird thinking they
once were lovers too

as simple as
him touching my hand

your touch
down my back


sunday mornings
we lay in bed—tangled
in each other's thoughts

© 2013, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.