Haiku Attempts - Final Kukai

Global Haiku • Millikin University • Fall 2013

stained glass
telling tales of old
ethereal glow

walking home
the rainbow of leaves
is held in my hand

freezing in the mornings
freezing at night
where is my day?

toy-filled room
painted baby blue

fluffy floating flakes
graze my tongue

it's dark early enough
for me to call a safe ride

sweet aroma
just quite not
grandma's pumpkin pie

Chick-fil-A sandwich
the two pickles
don't touch

freshman year
we start hanging out
the last month of school

dorm laundry
sock per week
nargle infestation

glassy gaze
thirsty for souls
china doll

clicking needles
the yarn
pulls at my thoughts

prison sentence
bail set at
one more bite of chicken

roasting marshmallows
careful not to enflame
cold November nights

childhood safe
diary key
still inside

past midnight
fighting monsters under her bed
a goodnight kiss

the spider
bungee jumps from silk
mocking my fears

grave silence
the tombstone between
mother and daughter

a white mustache
by a washrag

his face down the aisle
the boy
who chased her at recess

the couch
with cat fur
holds me

older sister
had me convinced
I'm really an alien

returning to Sims
real people
too painful

holding him in my arms
contently breathing
a quiet purr

Beethoven drifts
dungeon window
practice room

thumb stroking hand
. . . her hand
not mine . . .

icy toes!
grandmother's smile lines
coffee breath

racing out of the tunnel
pads and warpaint

another penny
tossed into the fountain
a child's gamble

those 20 minutes.
killed me.
the hug, your breath.

i believe in the sun
when it doesn't shine
she walks with God

it might not last long
for now we have fun
the present and presents

steps backward
thoughts run wild
a moment of peace

piles of leaves—
dad's hard work
my playground

an alter of flowers
each breath a sickening reminder
he's gone

the pulse drum beating
soft bedding envelops thought
streetlamp lullaby

head on his chest
heart beat lullaby
summer drunk

Memorial day
bouquets on the lawn
honeysuckle ties

camping, for real
no showers, no make-up
no problem

lightning bugs
just one more game
of wiffle ball

scissors in hand
cutting away the burs
hunting day

my tears run free
looking upon
the museum fetus

ghost cabin
dark path
she believes the fable

little one
hugs my knees tighter— 
camp's end

Taco Night
south of the border
ring of fire

all along I dreamed
I'd find you in his face
his daddy's gone

three plump stockings hang
where once
there were four

rusty lawn chair
barge after barges lazes past
I breathe in—the river

forks clink, laughter
they don't know
grandma died

two old women
tackle the trail
oxygen tanks lagging

date preparations
cute underwear

I reach into the bucket
only to find
     a single starburst

finals week
strep throat

shrieking voice
down the hall
Disney Princess

little girl
building a snow-woman
men are overrated

Black Friday
children on leashes
. . . where's waldo?

rain dance
soaked to the bone
we embrace

rubbing off
my aunt's kiss

twitch of the nose
the thought rises
what is that?

fall dusk
more beautiful
than I've ever seen him

knowing my face
in 2 days

questions arrive
answers depart
heart proud

talks of stars
thoughts of planets

cool kitchen
peppermint patties and orange slices
granny and gramps

shaved legs
step out of the shower

the city of Boody
the butt
of every joke

holding her breath
shadow beneath the closet door
knock knock

blades in the grass
shadows play tag
with the ants

his baby girl perched
on Daddy's shoulders
singing along to Freebird

blood red leaves
summer's remains
cover the dying grass

hurricane season
homes wrecked
blame the gays

bright red face
she shivers
from the July breeze

© 2013, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.