Global Haiku • Fall 2013
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Brock Hayden

Now a Hideaway

Brock Hayden

When I looked back on all the haiku I had written, I became aware of the fact that, unsurprisingly, they are all some form of reflection about my life. Whether it be good or bad reflection is regardless, but the theme still holds true. Writing has become a form of mental release and a healthy way to relieve stress and tension. Haiku are my hideaway, and I hope this collection can help you to escape from time to time as well. ~Brock Hayden

When reading this collection, I was given a clever use of sarcasm and feeling of melancholy that was interspersed with shaft of lights bursting through. Much like a tiny hideaway in a dark corner, the slats of wood which keep it dark and secret still allow light, and in the case of the work contained in this collection, hope, to shine through. The author uses an excellent amount of choice and precision in choosing which of his haiku to include and the result is a very enjoyable read.
~Mikayla Mendenhall

footsteps running
a room once forbidden
now a hideaway

glassy gaze
thirsty for souls
china doll

the jogger
he's pretty to look at
I should start jogging . . .

first kiss
his mouth
tastes like whiskey . . .

rubbing off
my aunt’s kiss

childhood safe
diary key
still inside

crinkling wrapper
candy bears smile
at their assassin


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