Global Haiku • Fall 2013
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Codi Gramlich

Life Goes On

Codi Gramlich

The entire collection that I have chosen to share discusses little moments in life that leave a larger impact on the individuals who have experienced it. These small events that are very common amongst many individuals allow a wide range of people to connect and respond to the haiku I have produced. Many of the haiku relate to the title by expressing that although these events might hold us back, cause us pain, or allow us to remember a special moment, life will continue to go on and once again these topics will only be memories. I wanted to share with readers the most important memories in my life that I knew would also be relatable memories for these individuals. I love sharing my past with others and discussing how particular things affected me as a young child compared to my peers. I have chosen these haiku because I believe that they best portray the picture of my childhood, while also allowing my audience to become involved and share in the memories that the haiku can create.

his face down the aisle
the boy
who chased her at recess

her red lips
not lipstick

the little girl smokes
to be cool
a candy cigarette

fresh fall breeze
the soles of my feet
enjoy the challenge

runny nose and puffy pink eyes
he left me
with all our memories

sweet aroma
just not quite
grandma's pumpkin pie


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