Global Haiku • Fall 2013
Dr. Randy Brooks

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John Spaw

Steamy Nuggets

John Spaw

The art of writing haiku presents the opportunity of sharing bits of wisdom or memories with one's audience. This poses a challenge, as the author must learn to refine his or her language in such a way that amplifies the significance of the audience member's reaction. The essence of such a reaction can be emotional, visual, spiritual, or simply revelational. When constructing my haiku, I find it deeply essential to incorporate the element of familiarity while still maintaining the substance of one's own voice and individuality. Each haiku serves as a snapshot of a particular idea or memory, a nugget of humor, advice, or experience. In this collection of haiku, I wish share my own nuggets of fun and wisdom.

early morning news
scroll . . . scroll . . . scroll . . .
. . . snow day

Chick-fil-A sandwich
the two pickles
don't touch

prison sentence
bail set at
one more bite of chicken

public swimming pool
the child leaves behind
a floaty

stained glass
telling tales of old
ethereal glow


toy-filled room
painted baby blue

your reflection
I see you
seeing your beauty

hurricane season
homes wrecked
blame the gays

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