Global Haiku • Fall 2013
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Mikayla Mendenhall


Mikayla Mendenhall

Author Introduction

This is a selected collection of my work from the Fall 2013 Global Haiku Traditions course at Millikin University. The work selected seems to generally focus on the theme of a specific moment. While some haiku do not represent this theme in an overtly obvious way, the theme still exists. A haiku located toward the end of the collection was written based on the plot of the Disney movie A Bug's Life. This movie was one of my favorite things when I was five years old, and I was exceptionally excited to receive the VHS for my birthday that year. Three years ago, long after VHS had been outdated, I received the DVD version of the movie for Christmas. At sixteen, the movie was still as enjoyable, and took me back to a moment of my childhood. I hope you enjoy the collection, and find a favorite of your own. ~Mikayla Mendenhall

Reader Introduction

Upon reading through the haiku selected by the author, I struggled with the idea of theme. I realized that each haiku brought forth an emotion within me, whether it be joy, sadness, or a fond memory, yet, without reading the title, I failed to mentally tie these together.

After the author provided a title, all the haiku began to click together; each one represents a moment in the life of the author. She provided the reader with a more personalized view of her life, versus the common theme of overreaching life questions. I found the collection to be intriguing, mainly because of this intimate view into her memories. ~Brock Hayden

standing there
over your name

fourteen-page apology
and all I got
was a smile

graduation gown
sticking to me
in that old gym

starving colony
plagued by grasshoppers
saved by circus bugs

head on my shoulder
old feelings


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