Global Haiku • Fall 2013
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Ramey Sola

Heart Beat Lullaby

Ramey Sola

I came to this class with an open mind, but my knowledge of haiku was very limited. Similar to most people, the haiku form that I was taught was the strict 5-7-5 syllable rule. However, I learned that modern haiku is the form of writing that I should have learned in school a long time ago. I have become frustrated with the closed-minded forms of writing that teachers have become so strict about. Haiku for me is freedom in a literary sense. It has allowed me to express my true feelings and thoughts in so few words. It allows the authors to be witty, playful, or whatever else they desire and readers to interpret as they please. There is no set form or set of regulations that you absolutely must follow for it to be appreciated.

This collection includes what I believe to be my best haiku from the semester. I ahve tried to capture feelings that are purely human. I capture these feelings in moments. I would describe these emotions as comfort, a "sigh of relief", playful, etc. There are not feelings that we directly recognize, but we all feel. I think that taking a person back to a place and time where they can re-experience these feelings as fully as they can is important as a writer. I also placed the haiku in this collection in an order that follows seasons. This carries the reaer through the haiku and puts them at certain times of the year so that they can better engage in their own interpretations.

head on his chest
heart beat lullaby
summer drunk

pink cheeks
matching the sunset
rocking chair

whiskey kiss
on my cheek
I feel drunk

shaved legs
step out of the shower

ghost cabin
dark path
she believes the fable

tall cup of coffee
he plays for her
in a crowd of ten

tender thoughts
float away
chimney smoke

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