Millikin University Course

Global Haiku Traditions
Fall 2013

Aubrie Cox & Dr. Randy Brooks


in the lonely woods
she walks with God
owl wings whisper


by Sarah E. Kisly


hot coffee
doing loads of homework
and laundry


by Seth Harshman

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Advanced Studies in Poetry:
Global Haiku Traditions

Course Description

IN203, Honors Seminar: Global Haiku Traditions examines the origins and spread of Japanese poetics from Japan around the world, with a special focus on the adaptation of haiku into other cultures and languages.

Syllabus for Fall 2013 (doc file)

Students in Fall 2013 Global Haiku Tradition

Assignments Guide for Fall 2013

Final Exam: December 19 @ 8am
Pilling Chapel

A special feature of the fall course is that students conduct interviews by e-mail with leading contemporary haiku poets. We studied the history of haiku and related poetics in Japan, and then examined the contemporary internalization of haiku in various international cultures.

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Global Haiku Students - Fall 2013

AlexKoulos BrockHayden CaitlinHusted CodiGramlich JohnSpaw
Alex Koulos Brock Hayden Caitlin Husted Codi Gramlich John Spaw
KeilaHamedRamos MarkGehlbach MikaylaMendenhall MorganOliver RachelMudd
Keila Hamed Ramos Mark Gehlbach Mikayla Mendenhall Morgan Oliver Rachel Mudd
RameySola RickTrask RyanHickey SarahMann  
Ramey Sola Rick Trask Ryan Hickey Sarah Mann  
  zRandyBrooks zAubrieCox    
  Rand yBrooks       Aubrie Cox        

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