Rengay Attempts

Global Haiku Tradition • Rengay Attempts 1, Spring 2014


cracked open
to reach the heart
fortune cookie

old man
eats alone tonight

the rose-scented candle
long since extinguished
another no-show

drowning sorrows
in cheap wine

dragging out the box of old photographs
against better judgment

midnight park
reliving memories







soft pitter patter
sharp squeak
the mouse was caught

the cage slides down the pole
gotta love board games

screaming and squealing
jovial laughter
it's game night

thanksgiving night
grandma takes out Scrabble...
things just got serious

the Sunday edition
crosswords done in pen

too much
family fun
now searching the classifieds.

The Yellow Brick Road

staring down
the yellow brick road
I make my wish

spiraling colors on lollipops appear
we are the lollipop guild

my eyes play tricks
as sparkles emerge
I hold my breath

lions and tigers
and bears
Oh my

my sanity rests
in his hands

clicking three times
wishing for home
ruby red magic

Regretful Day

one too many drinks
feeling woozy
sad again

a stumbling man
exits the bar alone

the divorced man
sits down on a bench
people give him change

a pair of children
laughing at nothing

parents hush
the chatting toddlers
Sunday church service

the donation jar
empty as usual










you trickle
down the spine—
rain in the gutter

hands meet my ribcage
cocoon breaks; butterfly

lips slightly parted
pink petals
awaiting dew

tattoos blossom over moonlight skin
branded by the night

awakened by the
taste of your tongue
morning coffee

snow-angeled mattress
retelling lightening breaths

The Abandoned Lot

a pacifier left
in a parking lot

wailing infant
shopping cart

a mother's last nerve
the freshly removed
wedding band

the line untanned
from before he left

echoing footsteps
his signature still wet
divorce papers

on the court steps
unsure where to go

Ice Breaker

lost and afraid
nowhere to turn
a shot in the dark

darkness enhances
feelings of fear

a cold hand
breaks the ice
. . . surrounded . . .

nowhere to run
she gives in
first kiss

falling in
ice covered water

when did love
take a turn
when it chose me?

Crazy MoFos

I cannot try
to silence my excitement
we are crazy

screams fill
the entire room

lying on the floor
I catch my breath
endless slumber party

the clock ticks
soon enough
three a.m.

the music turns down
as do we

too bad
it is Tuesday
classes tomorrow

First Snowfall

quiet autumn evening
white flakes
begin to fall

a young face
peers through the glass

school tomorrow
on until . . .
a sharp riNGGG

brings news
of a day full of fun

droplets fallings
from every eave

as we watch our masterful creation
melt away . . .

© 2014, Randy Brooks • Millikin University • last updated: November 17, 2014
All rights returned to authors upon publication.