Haiku Kukai 2

Global Haiku • Millikin University • Fall 2014

I pick the times
tables are empty
toasted bread and tomato     no human sides or seconds

a beauty
hidden underneath
blue mint

a taxidermy pet
too many appletinis
I'm no superman

fresh cookies
autumn breeze
heaven is for real

summer night
bugs sing
right in tune

a thin line between
helping with homework
and doing it

pre-test question
I knock on the office door

nervous for tomorrow
my fingernails
never had a chance

up all night
homework done
alarm sounds

focus broken
when i am surprised
flying pencil

laundry day
a week of stains
washed away

Popeye's delight
decorates the dish
the other kids call it gross

so cold
the taste of strawberries
overflowing the cone

thrift shop
ten new mugs
wrapped in paper

balancing decisions
she can't make

flashing lights
crosswalk of glass
. . . broken people

breath of Everclear
a hand on my hip
four-four beat

a glimpse of light
the end of the tunnel
honk of a train

late at night
email dings
shots fired

nail polish
fly lands
in a sticky pond

flashing red and blue
in the parking lot

rainy night
fire alarm
we don't even have elevators

apple pancakes
never as good . . .
as when mom makes ‘em

orange noodles
yummy cheese
travel size bowl

hooked gaze
shifting down right
always the first away

flashing lights
outside the window
handcuffs and trouble

"come together"
I hear instruments over
class discussion

two in the morning
my ticking clock
keeps her awake

holding her breath
sinking deep down
initiation completed

a suspicious message
not meant for child eyes
causes a relapse

tradition unforgotten
pumpkin guts
seep through my hand

browning leaf falls
a scratch on the pavement

rain boots trudging
through the puddles . . .
once hopped without a care

cold, wet nose
pressed upon the window
begging to be let in

breeze on her arm
taking fast curves
out for a drive

the cat walks
in the black alley
what a long day

tippy toes
arm elongated
pluck the perfect apple

dark stood still
stars all around
the whispering leaves

rain blowing sideways
for one



goodbye t-shirts and shorts
sweaters and pants
arise from drawers

silent whispers
of the wind
autumn afternoon

flashing rides
and game booths
autumn festival

holding apple cider
to warm chilled hands
we can see our breath

twirling gracefully
every move in sync
autumn leaves

“I’m sorry” he typed
                 but could not utter

phone call home
voices of love
dead battery

small feet,
in her dad's big shoes . . .
ready to go to work

sunken in lungs
the dreaded words
I'm so sorry

a knock on the door
a friend in need
I can't help her

chicken bones in planters
Little Child plays God after dinner

undress other,
more layers to get past
checkpoints and fumbles

shiver down the spine
arm envelopes me
and pulls me in close

somewhere between
kindness and compassion
I'm a goner

I could stay mad
but the sun’s rays
wipe away my grudge

how good is hot breath
against an ear
morning noon evening starlight

a light wake up call
to my mother's
butterfly kisses

in his place
all that's left
is the laughter of stars

fishing pond
an old friendship

close enough to
touch stars resting on
a father's comforting shoulders

hand in paw
one last

tulip in a cup
ne'er growing
the pawn meets the king

grandfather's tools
in my hands

your palms
my dearest someone

dark, deep set circles
sunglasses slide up his nose
as he slugs the thick coffee

straight back
curved arms
plié plié plié

momentary lapse
covered in a web of wires
          o father, who art in heaven.

bottom of the teacup
a stranger
looking back

cool sheets
I miss
someone I haven't met

don't look back
       all that

all is dark
all is right
except the stomping above

the first game
in full uniform—
chickens and all
marching band season

butterfly net
trying to catch
my heart

a king of Saigon regal in the Chevrolet heaven

she hides her wounds
behind metaphors
and Valencia

orange pill bottles
stacked neatly—
my trophies

moved furniture
worn paths
now leave bruises

saltines and socks
litter the bathroom floor
what happened last night

nobody in the world
but you . . .
and I

warm embrace
can't be felt
on facetime

at least rainclouds
never told me
I'm not good enough

prepare the bugbox
she says
we've got another patient

warm hot steam
red scarf
by the river

the cooling weather makes your eyes (iloveyou)r

little coquette
turns me foolish
smoke hanging in the unbalanced



sun peeks out
from the storm clouds
i don't hate you anymore

every exhale     midnight shower
(i pull up my boots
         yours come off)      linoleum snow angel

into the darkness
no dancing lights

dogs barking
. . . middle of the night
dad is in the hospital

vase on the desk
hoping it will escape

all covered in white
they march across
abbey road

real life where there's no lemons nor gold stars

empty fields
nothing beyond the horizon
the light fades

a cold breeze
dead silent
makes me walk much faster

Gran's quilt is too warm
but I keep it on the same
November rainfall

blank slate
begin again

 street performers
hot sauce
for the passersby

the child's shoes
snow chunks

© 2014, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.