Haiku Attempts 3

Global Haiku • Millikin University • Fall 2014

cares aside
under a rule list
we kiss

she kept his picture
on her armoire forever
love of the old man and the sea

I resemble
a newborn foal

   meditating thoughts
that make my heart flutter
             it's you

pit bull with one eye
we teach ourselves
how not to love

making art
footprints on the snow
we hold hands

pomegranate oil
the days of our lives

i didn't love her but
kissed me anyway.

a car backs away
dark night
one last farewell

the drive back
our hands intertwine
we're home

top of the mountain
his love
all he saw

pretending to read
watching you instead
cicada song

nothing like
the movies or books
summer does not bring love

white wall—misunderstanding;
roll over,
silent wince              back to you

tall trees and a house,
everything seems ok . . .
he pulls me closer

leaves change colors—
he kisses me
for the first time

military wife
two weeks
ends too quickly

saying things
i don't mean

turning pages
falling in love
the sun rises

after two years
it's hard to not
talk everyday

first date jitters
awkward laughing
I sit in the wrong car

last leaves surround
our last kiss

autumn chill outside
red quilt and Netflix
with him

rainy night
she removes
her wedding band

one drunken night ruined everything I love
                       . . . her

yahtzee for hours
could probably marry you, young old man

black dress
red rose petals
he loves me . . . not

he plays with my hair
as we lie in silence
spring shower


date, get married, children?
i am excited to
just discover who I am

more fish in the sea
only one fish
for me

summer breeze—
carrying away a worry
with every wave

I am

after dishes we dance to records boxers, sweatpants

a new friend
may become more . . .
cool autumn breeze

waiting train
my heart searches
for a ride out

risking it all
for her
i can't feel the cold

rocking out
different tunes




wrought iron
my father's
gruff embrace

take out and idle chatter
how did I ever despise

across the room
grandma smiles
at her own wake

apples swathed in honey
new year
just as sweet

wishing well
I wonder if my dreams
cost more than a quarter

living together
& being bridesmaids
we used to talk

a closed music box
a small closet
a song plays slowly

she spoke of him—
he put the stars in her sky

short burst of rain
reminds me
your absence

alone on the sidewalk
I see a pile of leaves
a quick jump won't hurt


he says
she scoffs

movie dates for first dates
are never a good sign
. . . we got lucky

summer rain
was I wrong to think
we were right?

she looks at the stars
could there be someone
looking back?

watching the stars
someone loves me

endless potential
under a full moon
memento mori

in the tall grass
I make new friends

burning sun
the heat of our love
burns too hot

comforted knowing
we share the same moon
lonely summer night

Winter white
laying in snow
to make my heart numb

three days pass
still no word is spoken
silent raindrops

sun in the summer
you and i
meant to be

spiders flee the rain
scared to know
if she feels the same

bright star
a wish
for another chance

promise ring
every hour, everyday
he is mine

running on the trails
at least it's not
the treadmill

another jogger passes
in a previous life
I must have been
a tortoise

Irish performers
an old teacher's feet
tap out the jig

snack run
pistachio in my

we twirl
through the doubt

i don't need that

I discovered
two belt notches

good vibes
through my veins

flip of bangs to focus
black and white orb
flies over opponents' heads

grandpas in the park
doing tai-chi
warm sweat and smiles

unravel mat; unravel soul

from above
Vegas string lights
paradise palms

feet hit pavement
trying to put
my old self behind

cold sweat
running the track
trying to beat my time

2 wheels
one last push
there she goes

smiling at the press box
her gloved hands
catch her flag

trampoline covered
in constricting snow
long winter




sleeping roommate
she stubs her toe
and bites her tongue

breathe in . . .
exhale s l o w l y
downward dog

fetal position
downward dog

one more,
just one more
jumping jack

bought his favorite coffee
a Starbucks toast
strolling through the park

I remember
a childhood friend

bruised student
finally he tells me

"dad got mad last night"

walking past
a stranger—
once a friend

eyes that shine with justice
her voice is dark
like tinted glass

homework party
friends distracting

melting clock
keeps me awake
songs in my head

rapid heartbeat
men yell at her
from across the road

keys between her fingers
counting her quick

late night walk home
the shadow behind me
grows quickly

lost in the forest
a vanished moon
pure blackness

a room of shoes—discarded
can't tell the tales
of silent people

flickering light
movement in the attic
an old doll

a stray dog
joins me on my run—
a new friend

reflection in the mirror
two shadows
I am alone

bump in the night
darkness presses in
tighter than before

stalker chills
the shadow of a man
eclipses the moon

deserted woods
a hiker finds
human remains

sings along
to the voice of Sting
I'll be watching you

hand dangling over my bed
something licks me
but I don't have a pet

in my room
a whisper
"Sleep tight little one . . ."

midnight moon
casting barren branches
on the old cemetery

creepy neighbor
leaves crack
in curtains

summer night
the one-eyed boy scout
still haunts me

home alone
I could have sworn
I left a knife
right over—

locked room
door now open

no one home

abandoned room
my niece hesitantly asks
w h o i s t h a t

© 2014, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.