Haiku Kukai 3 Favorites

Global Haiku • Millikin University • Fall 2014

cares aside
under a rule list
we kiss

Sara Siegfried

I like the contradiction that are in this haiku. It sets up the haiku with the sense of recklessness that we associate and idealize with love. The next line shifts the focus onto how we have such a strict list of rules in our society. The last line of course reveals the main subject of the haiku to be about love. This haiku briefly mentions how our society has such a strict set of rules and norms especially those geared towards love. However, we also idealize throwing everything we have to a relationship even breaking rules for love. This haiku I believe shows the conflict between these two ideals. Trista

she kept his picture
on her armoire forever
love of the old man and the sea

Jonathan Rieck (5)

I resemble
a newborn foal

Trista Smith (6)

   meditating thoughts
that make my heart flutter
             it's you

pit bull with one eye
we teach ourselves
how not to love

Alec Campbell (13)

making art
footprints on the snow
we hold hands

Valina Hoang (5)

pomegranate oil
the days of our lives

i didn't love her but
kissed me anyway.

Taylor Hagerdorn (9)

This is easily, hands-down, one of my favorites from Kukai 3. It is such a simple haiku, but it has so much depth and emotion to it. I look at this haiku as if a boy is writing it. I can feel the boy being confused and not wanting to lead the girl on, but the girl doesn’t care. The girl loves him and to her it is all that matter. She doesn’t care if he takes advantage of her. What I like about this haiku is that it seems as if it is the boy treats kissing as a meaningful thing, which is unheard of in my generation these days. Today teenagers treat hooking up as a casual thing and as if kissing doesn’t mean anything. But it should mean something! It is nice to hear a male’s point of view and it is almost like he cares about her enough to know that kissing would lead to attachment. Valina

a car backs away
dark night
one last farewell

Alexandria Wilson (3)

the drive back
our hands intertwine
we're home

Valina Hoang (6)

top of the mountain
his love
all he saw

Valina Hoang (3)

pretending to read
watching you instead
cicada song

Mackenzie Peck (10)

This is absolutely beautiful. This small moment is so soft and loving. In this moment, love does not need to be spoken. Love is lived, expressed, diffused, soaked in—all subconsciously. Love is in every atom and it is the breath. This haiku is a moment of heating blanket love, the best high in the world. Taylor

This happens to me all the time. I am overly guilty of doing this. I will be sitting on my boyfriend’s bed acting like I’m working on homework but in reality I am busy starting at him. After two years I am still in awe of our relationship. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I love how well we get along, and how no matter how mad we get with each other there is always a solution to the problem. This haiku brings something simple that I do all the time to life. I also really like the last line. It helps to finish the picture of silence in the room, which always happens to me. Overall, this haiku is awesome! Sara

nothing like
the movies or books
summer does not bring love

Mikayla Shaw (3)

white wall—misunderstanding;
roll over,
silent wince              back to you

tall trees and a house,
everything seems ok . . .
he pulls me closer

leaves change colors—
he kisses me
for the first time

military wife
two weeks
ends too quickly

Daniel Rausch (4)

saying things
i don't mean

Danna Herbach

This was a haiku that wasn’t born during the Kukai, but I am in love with it. I absolutely despise when people throw around words like “love”, “hate”, “best friends”, and etc. These words are so important to me that when I hear people use it in an empty way, it upsets me. In my opinion, I am a genuine and very honest person. Whenever I am fake towards someone or I do not act like myself, internally, I feel like crap. When I accidentally blurt out something I know I don’t mean, I ask myself “Why? Why did I do that? I just basically lied.” I think the world would be such a better place if we all just confronted our feelings and faced everything head on. Honesty is such an underrated virtue, but it is one that I cherish with so much of my heart. Valina

This haiku brings back so many feelings from past relationships of mine. I remember clearly that feeling of being stuck and feeling trapped in my first relationship and telling him that I loved him when I knew that I didn't. I can clearly remember the guilt churning in my gut and the alarm bells going off in my head, but I can also remember the panic that led to my lying to him. It is amazing to me how much this haiku says with only six words. Natalie

turning pages
falling in love
the sun rises

Trista Smith (4)

after two years
it's hard to not
talk everyday

first date jitters
awkward laughing
I sit in the wrong car

last leaves surround
our last kiss

autumn chill outside
red quilt and Netflix
with him

rainy night
she removes
her wedding band

Sara Siegfried (2)

one drunken night ruined everything I love
                       . . . her

Daniel Rausch (11)

I like this haiku because there is so much mystery. Did he make out with someone who was not his crush/girlfriend and she saw or did he say things that he did not mean. You cannot even tell what is happening other than he ruined everything he loves by being drunk, and maybe he loves her or maybe he ruined it with her, or maybe everything he loves is just her, and he messed up big time. I also enjoy the fact that it is a two liner. It has so many different meanings and could apply to so many different situations. Danna

This haiku leaves so much up to the reader for interpretation and that's something that made this stand out to me. It has so much weight to it with emotion but also tells a story in its own way. But there are so many unanswered questions on for this haiku it allows me as a reader to decide what happened or ask why. Mikayla

yahtzee for hours
could probably marry you, young old man

Taylor Hagerdorn (8)

black dress
red rose petals
he loves me . . . not

he plays with my hair
as we lie in silence
spring shower


Jonathan Rieck (11)

This haiku is so simple, yet so sad. It is as though this person is so afraid of being hurt that they never give someone a chance to love them and for them to return the love. I also adore the fact that it is only one word. It seems as though a potential significant other is telling them that they need to give the two of them a chance, yet the person refuses and spits out neverloveneverknoeneverhurt. It is an avoidance that is such a sad thing because they are so afraid to let their guards down and possibly experience a beautiful thing. Olivia

date, get married, children?
i am excited to
just discover who I am

Mikayla Shaw (3)

more fish in the sea
only one fish
for me

Deja Finley (7)

summer breeze—
carrying away a worry
with every wave

I am

Mikayla Shaw (6)

after dishes we dance to records boxers, sweatpants

a new friend
may become more . . .
cool autumn breeze

Erin O'Brien (5)

waiting train
my heart searches
for a ride out

Sara Siegfried (7)

risking it all
for her
i can't feel the cold

Danna Herbach (4)

rocking out
different tunes

wrought iron
my father's
gruff embrace

Alec Campbell (5)

take out and idle chatter
how did I ever despise

Taylor Hagerdorn (3)

I love the sweetness and the peaceful simplicity that this haiku evokes. I am an introvert, and I tend to prefer the calm, quiet, familiar moments over the loud, crazy, new ones. Those are okay sometimes, but I can't handle them very often. I love being able to relax in the presence of those that I want to be around. As cheesy as this sounds, it really helps me to "recharge" and unwind after a stressful day. I would much rather stay in and order take out and talk than go to some fancy restaurant or party that I have to dress up for. Give me the quiet, simple life, and I'll be happy forever. Mackenzie

across the room
grandma smiles
at her own wake

Trista Smith (11)

apples swathed in honey
new year
just as sweet

Danna Herbach (3)

wishing well
I wonder if my dreams
cost more than a quarter

Daniel Rausch (9)

This haiku took an action that society does a lot (wishing on a coin in a fountain) and took it to a whole other level. Throwing coins into water has been one of my favorite childhood memories. Each time I would wish for the same thing: to meet Kelly Clarkson. It eventually came true, and I could not be happier. The author compared the dreams to the object that we throw in, and I think that is super cool. Rebecca

living together
& being bridesmaids
we used to talk

Valina Hoang (2)

I like this haiku because it reminded me of my best friend. We have been friends for about 8 years and have stuck together through thick and thin. However, we are going to different schools and this past summer was difficult for her. She ended up being depressed a lot and I didn't see her much. We have talked about moving to Chicago and then New York and living together. I thought that she would probably be my bridesmaid, too. However, I haven't talked to her since we left for school this year and I'm hoping that everything will be back to normal soon. This haiku just brought out so many feelings and it's strange to think about how 3 short, simple lines can create so many images and ideas in different people. Erin

a closed music box
a small closet
a song plays slowly

Alexandria Wilson

From this haiku all I can see is a girl getting ready for bed. She closes her closet after putting on her pajamas and brushing her teeth. She gets into bed and closes her eyes, but all of a sudden she hears the tinkling of a music box and her eyes fly open. She then thinks to herself that she doesn’t own a music box. The sound is coming from her closet. She gets out of bed slowly and walks over to the closed door. She opens the door and moves her clothes and there on the floor is a small music box playing Für Elise. She had forgotten about this present from nana just before she had died. Suddenly the lights began to flicker… Danna


she spoke of him—
he put the stars in her sky

Jonathan Rieck (9)

This could be directed at any ‘he’ in the ‘she’ life. For me, I pictured my boyfriend first. I adore him, madly and deeply and genuinely, in the good and the bad and smelly and ugly and tired and beautiful moments. However, I am often quite terrible at conveying this in casual conversation. He is worth this haiku, which is much more than the watered down phrases I generally use in passing talk. I feel inspired to speak more of the stars that he continually puts into my sky. I want to tell people just how magnificent he is. The second person I thought of was my dad. He’s been my role model and best friend for my whole life. He means so much and has done wonders for my. I would not be who I am had he not been the inspiration that he was and is. Taylor

short burst of rain
reminds me
your absence

Erin O'Brien (2)

alone on the sidewalk
I see a pile of leaves
a quick jump won't hurt


Valina Hoang (5)

I understand and relate to this haiku all too well. It definitely spoke to me when I first read it. Throughout grade school and high school, I had the same friends every year. Now that I am in college, I lost all of my high school friends except a few. It hurts a lot, which adds emotion to this haiku. I also appreciate how it is one line and has no spaces. This act of losing friends happens very quickly. Rebecca

he says
she scoffs

Mackenzie Peck (6)

Again, this is another haiku that is dredging up old memories. This was my exact reaction when a past boyfriend first told me that I was beautiful, and at that time in my life, I did not believe him, so I scoffed at it and brushed it off because I didn't se how that could possibly be true. It's the simplicity and brevity of this haiku though that I think makes me love it so much. Without mentioning it explicitly, I can feel what she is feeling and at the same time, imagine the feelings of incredulity that he is experiencing. These brief lines leave a lot of negative space, but they make it easy to fill that negative space with inferred details and emotions. Natalie

movie dates for first dates
are never a good sign
. . . we got lucky

summer rain
was I wrong to think
we were right?

Olivia Cuff (13)

she looks at the stars
could there be someone
looking back?

Mackenzie Peck (8)

watching the stars
someone loves me

Mikayla Shaw

This haiku is so perfect. I am a dreamer and a wonderer, and I often think of what the future holds for me. It is so strange to think that there is someone out there that will love me one day, and who I will love as well, and we may not even know each other yet. I could drive myself crazy trying to figure out what will happen in the future, and who I will end up with, but there is no point because things will happen as they are meant to happen. Life will lead me where I am meant to go, and until then, I'll just have to sit back and enjoy the ride. Mackenzie

I like this haiku, again, because of the emotions it conveys. I love to look at the stars and be amazed by their beauty. I imagined myself at home in my driveway looking up at the night sky. The idea of thinking "somewhere someone loves me" would be something that I would think because I get so inspired by the sky and when I feel alone, I can look at the sky and see that everything is so much bigger than just me and that there are people out there that feel the same and people that I will meet later in life and connect with them very well. Erin

endless potential
under a full moon
memento mori

in the tall grass
I make new friends

Alec Campbell (7)

burning sun
the heat of our love
burns too hot

comforted knowing
we share the same moon
lonely summer night

Mackenzie Peck (7)

Winter white
laying in snow
to make my heart numb

Brandi DeLeonardo (9)

three days pass
still no word is spoken
silent raindrops

sun in the summer
you and i
meant to be

spiders flee the rain
scared to know
if she feels the same

bright star
a wish
for another chance

promise ring
every hour, everyday
he is mine

Sara Siegfried (3)

running on the trails
at least it's not
the treadmill

another jogger passes
in a previous life
I must have been
a tortoise

Mackenzie Peck (5)

Irish performers
an old teacher's feet
tap out the jig

Natalie Zelman (3)

snack run
pistachio in my

we twirl
through the doubt

Mackenzie Peck (5)

I love this haiku! It reminds me going to church at home. Every week at the end of mass Father Dennis tells us to “Know that you are loved, and don’t worry so much.” While these are some of the hardest things to do on occasion I always love hearing him say that. Even when I send him emails from school he always includes that. This haiku brings this idea to life. I love the mental picture of dancing through a field of grass with my boyfriend not worry about anything. This haiku especially rings true to college students as we are always stressed and worried. As much as I try not to I simply can’t help worrying on occasion. I will definitely remember this haiku the next time I am sick with worry. Sara

i don't need that

Danna Herbach

I enjoyed this haiku because of how fun and playful the author made it. Reading this, I imagine someone who walks into the kitchen to grab something. She wasn't hungry when entering the kitchen, but after she sees the jar of cookies eyeing her down, she rethinks her previous thought. "Maybe just one", she thinks, but then her priorities are remembered; she quickly remembers that she is on a diet and bolts out of the room. That was a close one. Daniel

I like this poem because I am such a batman fan. This brings back so many memories that it makes me happy. Most of all, it brings back the oldest form of batman I know, back to the old tv show with Adam West. I love the story of batman and why he began to save people. I love how almost everyone can relate to this haiku. It's basically the theme of everyone who knows batman. Brandi

I discovered
two belt notches

Jonathan Rieck (2)

good vibes
through my veins

flip of bangs to focus
black and white orb
flies over opponents' heads

grandpas in the park
doing tai-chi
warm sweat and smiles

Valina Hoang (7)

unravel mat; unravel soul

from above
Vegas string lights
paradise palms

feet hit pavement
trying to put
my old self behind

cold sweat
running the track
trying to beat my time

2 wheels
one last push
there she goes

Erin O'Brien 95)

I like this one because this a stage that we have all had to go through. It seems like with every stage in life we are riding our bikes for the first time. This first day of kindergarten is like riding your bike for the first time. The first day of college is the same way. Your parents guide you so that you can do it on your own. Getting your own house is the same way. Deja

smiling at the press box
her gloved hands
catch her flag

Natalie Zelman (3)

trampoline covered
in constricting snow
long winter

Rebecca Coutcher (3)

sleeping roommate
she stubs her toe
and bites her tongue

breathe in . . .
exhale s l o w l y
downward dog

fetal position
downward dog

one more,
just one more
jumping jack

bought his favorite coffee
a Starbucks toast
strolling through the park

I remember
a childhood friend

Sara Siegfried (4)

bruised student
finally he tells me

"dad got mad last night"

Natalie Zelman (8)

I liked this one because it was so real. I could feel the concern behind this. This is a very serious situation and I can feel the emotions behind it. I can see a picture in my mind of a little boy covered with bruises getting asked about the bruises finally. He is constantly asked, and is finally telling someone what happened. It's a scary scene, broken down into its simplest form. Brandi

walking past
a stranger—
once a friend

eyes that shine with justice
her voice is dark
like tinted glass

homework party
friends distracting

melting clock
keeps me awake
songs in my head

Danna Herbach

I am not really sure what I imagine when I read this haiku, but I really enjoy the flow of the poem. I'm unsure if what is keeping the person awake is the melting clock or the songs in their head or both. I guess my favorite part of the haiku is the image of the clock melting. It's just so creative and not what I would have thought to have described in a haiku. Olivia

rapid heartbeat
men yell at her
from across the road

keys between her fingers
counting her quick

Natalie Zelman (8)

late night walk home
the shadow behind me
grows quickly

Olivia Cuff (5)

lost in the forest
a vanished moon
pure blackness

a room of shoes—discarded
can't tell the tales
of silent people

Taylor Hagerdorn (8)

flickering light
movement in the attic
an old doll

Alexandria Wilson (4)

a stray dog
joins me on my run—
a new friend

Daniel Rausch (6)

reflection in the mirror
two shadows
I am alone

bump in the night
darkness presses in
tighter than before

stalker chills
the shadow of a man
eclipses the moon

deserted woods
a hiker finds
human remains

Sara Siegfried (2)

sings along
to the voice of Sting
I'll be watching you

Valina Hoang (3)

hand dangling over my bed
something licks me
but I don't have a pet

Mikayla Shaw (8)

in my room
a whisper
"Sleep tight little one . . ."

Brandi DeLeonardo

This haiku is just creepy. It is also a haiku that allows for just enough framing for a story or question to be raised or interpreted as a ghost or maybe an intruder in the house. Either way it is a completely realistic or possible incident, this is type of horror movies that freak me out the most. Mikayla

midnight moon
casting barren branches
on the old cemetery

creepy neighbor
leaves crack
in curtains

summer night
the one-eyed boy scout
still haunts me

Danna Herbach (4)

home alone
I could have sworn
I left a knife
right over—

Mackenzie Peck (10)

This is a great creepy haiku. I feel creeped out just thinking of being home alone and the feeling of something missing. I love the cut at the end because it leaves the reader guessing as to what happens next. It seems as if the intruder grabbed the poet by the mouth during mid­sentence. Deja

locked room
door now open

no one home

abandoned room
my niece hesitantly asks
w h o i s t h a t

Natalie Zelman

I really enjoyed this haiku and thought it represented the creepy category well. The beginning line sets up the rest of the haiku by making it such a creepy setting to begin with. I especially like the last line because I can actually hear the niece mumbling those words; the spacing is used well. I picture a teenager who is babysitting her niece and then all of a sudden the niece spots something looming in the dark. She can't make out what or who it is but then the figure creeps closer and she asks who it is. Daniel

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