Haiku Kukai 5

Global Haiku • Millikin University • Fall 2014

lightly touch the rooftops they walk on air

mannerisms like home in a smoky new world

spring afternoon
an old women
weeds the garden

almost as wild
as the calico

a child
tilts his head
abstract art

the earth, moon, and stars
not too much
for dad’s Master Card

lights dim
and the crowd cheers—
an electric strum

mother orders tea
I do the same

classic love story
we drive off
into the night

August sun
the days of wild blackberries
come to an end

after 20 years of love
how do I live alone?
beached whale

I climb the rock
hands outstretched
for branches out of reach

feeling trapped
open the blinds
finding a dead butterfly

cloudy day
the only thing with weight
is the loom

stood up;
for some reason
I still smile

a crisp candy apple crunch

a small bump unborn
just 7 months
Were you needed up there?

her anger
boiling over
spaghetti noodles

five years old messy pigtails
(heel)-HEEL (toe)-TOE

clumsy ankles
found the oasis
tadpoles in conference

all Hallow's Eve
dim orange moon
the only light

teaching myself
not to be hopeful
acorns for winter

a howl brings silence
to friends—
full moon

a branch shadowed
by the full moon
a skeletal hand

she sees them

Navy blue
the color of his letter's

the newborn
explores the strings
ukulele lullaby

amidst the red
autumn leaves,
I was brown

black and white.
but in him,
I see color.

he used to play
with her long hair
new pixie cut

best friend's house
       straight to the fridge

she told me
ska isn't cool anymore
do you hate fun?

winter evening
she peacefully frosts
her birthday cake

hand on my forehead
I look on . . .
yet back at the sun set

moods changes
with the moves of
our moon

grammar mistakes
in a teacher's powerpoint
deep sigh

New York state of mind
with small town

autumn mist
a date with textbooks
quietly begins

old men
blowing smoke rings
each one bigger than the last




throwing my cares out
for three minutes
song on the radio

girl's spa night
we become aliens
with common foods

three girls giggle
and slurp lemonade
pinkies out for the tea party

haiku tea
never gets drunk
only gone

waiting by the toaster
humming to

top shelf
the tea leaves just
out of her reach

pockmarked face
made new
under veil of steam

a silent snow
I walk past houses
with trees in windows

he said
he didn't like tea
deal breaker

a boy and his rose
so many lessons learned
for him
and for me

ducklings trail behind
their mother
a name is shouted

Ishmael had no idea
he'd pick a fight
with a blue beast

held tight
the night's cloak

what do you want
for your birthday?

another vase beyond repair
the potter sighs
              and smashes it

pastel dust
in the wind

tongue over teeth
freezing chocolate
a single drop on a shirt

she sees them
as stars

real friends don't judge
the amount of toppings
on your froyo

quiet gallery
a girl ponders
the meaning of life

long hair tucked
under helm and armor
I am no man.

some say addiction
I say
it's my no cranky juice

not one is the same
bowls of
frozen yogurt

a day

levels of secrecy:
the annex
       the bookcase
              the diary

the stomach
an inferior wineskin
fall to

icy beads of mist they look down as they walk

collecting sticks for wands
leaves blanket grass

star light
star bright
no more wishes for you

heart beats fast
six fears
one of them: him

buried under blankets
one foot out
to feel the breeze

my hands, my soul,
warmed by
sips of hot chocolate

I count my steps
as I walk on the snow,
heart beats in sync.

my lips
hold their shape
stuck on ice

awaken with a jolt
tonight the moon
is my nightlight

turtle on its
the moon tonight

memories of a lost brother
I solemnly swear that I'm
up to no good

© 2014, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.