Haiku kukai 6 Fall Break Favorites

Global Haiku • Millikin University • Fall 2014

Sunday morning sermon
all the familiar faces
smile back

Alexandria Wilson (6)

thighs stronger than
          but why do I feel so weak?

marshmallow all over
I wipe the sticky mess
on his coat

Alexandria Wilson (6)

ball of fur
sits where he pleases
right on the keyboard

Mikayla Shaw (8)

dark theatre
a red-shirted man
asks the time

young woman
cowering in her car
torn dress

Natalie Zelman (5)

my team
takes the lead
trivia night

can't handle change
even my visit home

Trista Smith (9)

fall break
need to hit the gym

Deja Finley (3)

a visit home
my cat not moving

Trista Smith (6)

sent to jail
waiting for
a lucky roll

Trista Smith (9)

on the counter
flecked with white

reaction mechanisms
of organic molecules

finally home
everything seems different
. . . my memory

Erin O'Brien (4)

my fingertips itch
for his text
four. long. hours.

Olivia Cuff (5)

Mom threatens
to give away
the poor turtle

what is a rosary to a demon,
smug: against a tree

deserted campus
seeking company
I feed the ducks

Mckenzie Peck (4)

Parents Are Divorcing shake 
side of fries, too. 

Jonathan Rieck (7)

some time with

Erin O'Brien (4)

darkened kitchen 
he fetched a beverage 
"I don't hate you, you know."

Jonathan Rieck (9)

free time for free thoughts:
we were young 
we. were. hopeless.

Jonathan Rieck (8)

driving home
tunnels of trees
race with the road

bald head
rubbed for good luck
he smiles at my joke

Olivia Cuff (4)

my younger brother
check mate!

a cheesy promo video
soap opera style
shame on you

sitting by bags
holding my breath
I check my bank

Brandi DeLeonardo (3)

spent cigarette tossed 
in the clouded air 
my own shooting star

Jonathan Rieck (10)

dad works overtime
daughter home at last
no proper reunion

and lemonade
mother-daughter movie night

a kiss for you
then a kiss for me
our little secret

Daniel Rausch (5)

orbs in my eyes
doorman watches
decades pas(sed)t

dia de los muertos
the extended family
gathers around graves

in for oil change out with new radiator—sigh

Erin O'Brien (4)

rediscovered lullabies when I was there to greet the rising sun

Taylor Hagerdorn (7)

cheapest wine 
from the drugstore 
come as you are

Jonathan Rieck (7)

expensive price tag
she slips on
the Gatsby dress

Valina Hoang (3)

heavy eyes . . .
always so much to do
back at home

true accomplishment
cracking an egg

Natalie Zelman (5)

(one) step
towards (two) friends
reunion of musketeers (three)

Olivia Cuff (10)

we haven't
even slept yet

Rebecca Coutcher (9)

home at last
welcomed by
my childhood room

sculptor's gloves
halfway stuffed
in her back pocket

Natalie Zelman (4)

going home
with my guitar

we spoke of soulmates 
under a bridge— 
people have purpose 

Jonathan Rieck (10)

bolting for the car
my breath in puffs
first frozen night

a hug goodbye
will this be
the last time?

Sara Siegfried (9)

who needs an alarm
my early bird brother
plays the trumpet

Natalie Zelman (4)

Chinese buffet
sweet and sour chicken
matches the waiter’s mood

Sara Siegfried (8)

watching ghosts 
give hugs to

Taylor Hagerdorn (5)

organ music
off key voices ring
with joyful praise

nightlight interstate 
my head on your shoulder,

Taylor Hagerdorn (6)

records in my room 
     and anytime you(I) feel the pain, 
hey, (J)ude, refrain. 

a hot pan
in my hands

early morning mirror
I wash off
last night's war paint

Trista Smith (7)

too much medicine
to ever feel unbroken

Taylor Hagerdorn (12)

floats down
from the parakeet cage

I feel like a celebrity
every time
I go home

Deja Finley (6)

a perfect match
he's the brain
she's the heart

Trista Smith (8)

fuzzy socks
and lots of pets
a perfect evening

track after track
searching for something

Valina Hoang (12)

a flutter of leaves
my childhood heart
resonates well with myself

Daniel Rausch (7)

small bonfire
quiet conversation
welcomed into the family

Sunday night
strands of purple
turn into espresso

all my trouble seemed
to just be so far away

everybody talks 
sins of my youth 
moving in the dark 

reflection in the mirror
long legs
black skinny jeans

I stare at my phone
so many contacts
I am still alone

Brandi DeLeonardo (5)

© 2014, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.