Global Haiku • Fall 2014
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Daniel Rausch

Kasen Renga:
I am Invincible



A Blind Beautry

Daniel Rausch


A Blind Beauty contains a grouping of haiku with the overall goal of finding the beauty in faults and mistakes throughout life. This book attempts to capture the point that life is full of various turns, but how one copes with these obstacles can bring different outcomes. When blinded, people have to find beauty in aspects deeper than physicality. Love is a funny thing. Enjoy!

Bio Statement

Throughout Global Haiku, Daniel has greatly developed his haiku writing abilities from the help of the one and only Dr. Randy Brooks. He writes in a more contemporary style, straying from the traditional topic of nature that embodies many haiku. He enjoys seeing the reactions of listeners when his haiku are read. This compilation is chosen by Daniel as the best haiku he has written this semester. Hope you enjoy!

clenching my son's hand
can only protect him
for so long

she moves
at a constant pace
my heart is ten beats

paw in hand
one last

the ocean spray
flies with the wind
then on us

my daughter's trash can
filled with love letters
never sent


a perfect house
with a perfect white fence:
a blind man retrieves the mail

crooked teeth
asymmetrical face:
trumped by a warm heart

alone on the sidewalk
a swift detour
to the pile of leaves

a stray dog
joins me on my run—
a new friend

after 20 years of love
I forgot how to live alone
Beached whale

penguin love
where a widdle and a waddle
means so much more

the brown bears
were not discrete

calm . . .
iuntil the kitten's paws
reach the piano

© 2014, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.