Global Haiku • Fall 2014
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Danna Herbach

Black Canvas

object permanence

Danna Herbach


Writing and reading haiku has started a revolution in my heart. Sharing our haiku became a contest while at the same time we had a support group who understood what it was like to write and read haiku. I have enjoyed writing haiku specifically for the global haiku seminar; however, this revolution is not limited to homework.

I have had the distinct need to write a haiku, either on paper or in my head, immediately after having an interesting experience. My own experiences are the best jump-start to writing a haiku for me. These experiences are anything from late night encounters, crazy and spontaneous moments, and overall wonderful moments. All of the haiku in this book are from an experience, regardless of whether they were bad or good, they all are a part of who I am today.

Short Bio:

Danna Herbach is a BFA Art Therapy Major. She enjoys creating jewelry, ceramics, sculptures and knitted items. Her haiku are usually focused on either the creative process or her crazy group of friends. She also enjoys taking haiku written by published authors and writing heartbreaking stories about them.

my date with clay

mint in a windowsill
moved to block
the sun

disappearing girlfriend
only blankets
object permanence

a carrot
         in the midst of

Autumn wind
crushes on girls
I can't love

watching scary movies
just to hold
her hand

rain blowing sideways
for one


post-it notes
holding my heart

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